Efficiency Ratings: Washington

Using the NBA Efficiency Rating Formula, TDD tracks the best statistical performances of the season

A quick way NBA coaches measure a player's game performance is by evaluating his efficiency. In order to find a player's efficiency the following formula is used:

((Points + Rebounds + Assists + Steals + Blocks) - ((Field Goals Att. - Field Goals Made) + (Free Throws Att. - Free Throws Made) + Turnovers)).

For example, compare the following stat lines:

Player A: 17 points (5-of-22 FG, 7-9 FT), 8 rebounds, 6 assists, 3 steals, 4 turnovers.

Player B: 15 points (5-8 FG, 3-4 FT), 4 rebounds, 7 assists, 2 turnovers

Who had the better game? Using the NBA formula player B, who hit five of eight shots and committed two turnovers registered a +20 efficiency total while Player A who missed 17 shots and had four turnovers had just a +11 rating.

For reference, last year LeBron James posted the two most efficient games of the season with a +54 (37 points on 11-of-17 FG & 9-10 FT, 12 rebounds, 11 assist, 2 steals, 1 block, and 2 turnovers) and +50 (40 points on 16-of-23 FG & 6-6 FT, 8 rebounds, 8 assist, 1 steal, 2 blocks, and 2 turnovers) rating.

The Blue Devils returned to Madison Squre Garden for a Saturday afternoon matchup against the Washington Huskies. For most of the afternoon Duke looked the part of a top five team, racing out to a big lead before Washington got hot and Duke went stone cold from the free throw line to provide a little bit of drama down the stretch. When the game entered crunch time, however, the Blue Devils were able to make six of eight from the charity stripe to put the game away. A last second three pointer from the Huskies closed the final score to 86-80.

v. Washington
(change from previous game)

Per minute Efficiency
  • Austin Rivers 0.600
  • Seth Curry 0.167
  • Andre Dawkins 0.438
  • Mason Plumlee 0.433
  • Miles Plumlee 0.950
  • Ryan Kelly 0.667
  • Josh Hairston 0.000
  • Tyler Thornton 0.100
  • Quinn Cook 0.500
  • Michael Gbinije 0.000

Notes: For much of the first half it appeared as though junior Ryan Kelly would continue his string of low efficiency performances following his great run of games in Maui. Kelly missed his first eight shots from the field, but found his range after halftime. The 6'10 junior also crashed the boards on the weak side, providing much needed help to Mason Plumlee in the paint, to finish with eight boards. Despite the low shooting percentage (6-of-15), Kelly's all around floor game of eight rebounds and three steals to go with 16 points resulted in a +18 rating.

And speaking of low shooting percentages, Mason Plumlee's day at the free throw line could certainly be classified as such. The junior, who scored 12 points and grabbed nine rebounds along with three steals and two blocks, managed just 2-of-11 from the charity stripe. Shooting a respectable 67 percent from the line would have resulted in not only a much higher rating (+13), but also the game being academic down the stretch instead of somewhat close. On the flip side, brother Miles Plumlee continued his stretch of effective and efficient play off the bench, earning a team-high +19 thanks to nine points, seven rebounds, and three blocks in just 20 minutes of action.

Newly minted sixth man, Andre Dawkins, came off the bench to score 17 points while rating out at a +14. It was a shot in the arm to a backcourt that saw two starters (Curry and Thornton) combine for just a +8 combined in 60 minutes.


Throughout the season TDD will track the various highs and lows using the formula.

Ten Most Efficient Performances

  • Mason Plumlee +29 (v. Colorado St.)
  • Seth Curry +28 (v. Michigan St.)
  • Andre Dawkins +26 (v. Michigan St.)
  • Mason Plumlee +25 (v. Belmont)
  • Mason Plumlee +23 (v. Davidson)
  • Miles Plumlee +22 (v. Colorado State)
  • Ryan Kelly +21 (v. Michigan)
  • Seth Curry +21 (v. Michigan)
  • Ryan Kelly +19 (v. Tennessee)
  • Miles Plumlee +19 (v. Washington)

Five Least Efficient Performances*

  • Tyler Thornton -2 (v. Tennessee)
  • Austin Rivers -2 (v. Michigan St.)
  • Josh Hairston -1 (v. Michigan St.)
  • Quinn Cook -1 (v. Belmont)
  • Seth Curry +0 (v. Ohio State)
*- players must play at least 5 minutes or factor into the box score to be considered for per game E-ratings

Ten Most Efficient Per Minute Performances

  • Andre Dawkins 1.250 (v. Colorado St.)
  • Mason Plumlee 1.160 (v. Colorado St)
  • Miles Plumlee 1.158 (v. Colorado St)
  • Miles Plumlee 0.950 (v. Washington)
  • Mason Plumlee .900 (v. Presbyterian)
  • Austin Rivers .857 (v. Presbyterian)
  • Miles Plumlee 0.824 (v. Davidson)
  • Josh Hairston .813 (v. Presbyterian)
  • Mason Plumlee 0.793 (v. Davidson)
  • Ryan Kelly 0.789 (v. Presbyterian)
  • Quinn Cook 0.750 (v. Davidson)
*- players must play at least 5 minutes or factor into the box score to be considered for per game E-ratings

Five Least Efficient Per Minute Performances

  • Josh Hairston -0.200 (v. Michigan St.)
  • Tyler Thornton -.143 (v. Tennessee)
  • Quinn Cook -.125 (v. Belmont)
  • Tyler Thornton -.125 (v. Ohio State)
  • Seth Curry .000 (v. Ohio State)
*- players must play at least 5 minutes or factor into the box score to be considered for per game E-ratings

Cumulative Season ratings for the Blue Devils. (E/game)*
  • Mason Plumlee +178 (17.8)
  • Ryan Kelly +139 (13.9)
  • Seth Curry +132 (13.2)
  • Austin Rivers +110 (11.0)
  • Miles Plumlee +99 (9.9)
  • Andre Dawkins +81 (8.1)
  • Tyler Thornton +45 (4.5)
  • Quinn Cook +34 (4.9)*
  • Josh Hairston +25 (5.0)*
  • Michael Gbinije +7 (1.4)*
*- players must play at least 3 minutes or factor into the box score to be considered for per game E-ratings. (Gbinije 5, Hairston 5, Cook 7)

Cumulative Per Minute Season ratings for the Blue Devils. (Eseason/SeasonMinutes)*

  • Miles Plumlee 0.600
  • Mason Plumlee 0.584
  • Ryan Kelly 0.529
  • Seth Curry 0.424
  • Josh Hairston 0.417
  • Quinn Cook 0.391
  • Austin Rivers 0.361
  • Andre Dawkins 0.306
  • Tyler Thornton 0.234
  • Michael Gbinije 0.159


Tracking the most and least efficient performances by player
  • Austin Rivers +18 / -2
  • Seth Curry +28 / 0
  • Andre Dawkins +26 / 0
  • Mason Plumlee +29 / +7
  • Miles Plumlee +22 / +1
  • Ryan Kelly +21 / +1
  • Josh Hairston +13 / -1
  • Tyler Thornton +14 / -2
  • Quinn Cook +11 / -1
  • Michael Gbinije +5 / 0

Notes: Miles Plumlee has moved into the top spot for most efficient player per minute played thanks to a combined 41 points over the past two games. Mason Plumlee continues to occupy the top spot in total points by a wide margin, while Ryan Kelly's big performance against UW has vaulted him over Seth Curry who continues to struggle since returning from Maui. Meanwhile, Austin Rivers continues to sneak up the total point totem poll, now just 22 points behind Curry.

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