Quotes: Duke v. Temple

Coach K met the media following his team's "disappointing" performance against Temple

== Duke Head Coach Mike Krzyzewski ==

Opening Statement
I want to congratulate Dunph (Fran Dunphy) and his team. I thought they played really hard. He's one of the best coaches in the United States, and he has good, tough kids. They know how to play. They played with great toughness, comraderie. They just outplayed us. They made big shots. Their perimeter really controls the tempo of the game with such a veteran perimeter. We obviously didn't play very well, but that doesn't take away from how well they played. They played really well. For some reason, we didn't show up with the enthusiasm and the toughness that we usually display. And maybe that has to do with the fact that we knew we were playing such a mature, well-coached team.

How did you expect Temple to play down by two starters
They haven't had those guys for a while, right? So we expected them to approach us like the team that they have been since they lost those guys. (Scootie) Randall hasn't played the whole season, and the other kid (Micheal Eric) played the first four games. So they've had their period of adjustment. So they know who they are. It's not like a team that just had two injuries. We saw what we expected to see.

On your defense ... was tonight's result from your team's play or Temple's
I think a combination. It's always a combination. One is they're well-schooled. Look, I don't think we played very well. I'm disappointed in our performance, but that's not going to be what I am going to talk about, because I thought they played really well. So it's more on them playing well. In order to beat a team that's playing well, you have to play really well. And we didn't show up to do that. They played very, very well.

Temple played with a lot of belief
Well, they should. They've won the Atlantic 10 three out of the last four years. We're playing a team that's ... it's not a team we're playing, we're playing a program. Temple's always had a program with John (Chaney) and now with Dunph. You're playing a tradition here. You're not playing a singular team. It always had good kids with John and with Dunph who bought into that tradition. Temple has one of the rich traditions of college basketball, and Dunph has continued to do that. So they're going to get good kids that believe they can win, and they do win.

Did you see a night like this coming for your team?
Come on (laughter). If I saw it coming, I would have faked an illness (more laughter) instead of getting ill during the game. Whenever that happens, to me, the other team has the most to do with it. And congratulations to them. It's an honor for us to play against this university and that coach and his team.

What will you take out of this?
We take a very bitter loss. That's what we take out of this.

On the play of Khalif Wyatt while rattling Juan Fernandez
I don't know if we had them rattled. I thought he (Fernandez) played well, too. But Wyatt ... just believes in himself and you love that about a kid.

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