Quotes: Duke v. Maryland

The Blue Devils met the media following their big win in College Park over the Terrapins.

Duke Head Coach Mike Krzyzewski Opening Statement:
"I'm proud of our team. I thought we beat a very energized, well-prepared team tonight. Maryland played with all their hearts, you could tell. They were quick, their game-plan was well conceived, and they knocked us back 18-10. We started playing better defense the last 10 minutes of the first half, and to start the second half they knocked us back again. The crowd was really into it, and in the last 16 minutes of the game we played really well. In the last 10, we got a lot of those scrum balls, just those tough balls to get. In the last four minutes, the play Mason [Plumlee] made was spectacular tonight. I thought his best play was when he got that loose ball, he dove for it with a real sense of urgency. Down the stretch, we really executed well, hit our free throws, and it was a big win for us. Any win on the road is big, they have a great crowd, it was a big night for Maryland basketball, and for our guys to come out on top was really good for our team."

On the improvement on his team's defense:
"They came out really fast, they were really sharp executing. We're bigger than they are, but they're more athletic. They were really moving fast, you could tell they were very ready for the game and it showed up. They had good looks on their faces and we changed the way we were doing the ball screens after eight minutes, because we couldn't do what we wanted to do with their athleticism. So, we went to a little bit of a different way of defending the ball screen. That helped us, and we didn't get as strung out as much.

On what it meant to him to be here for the Gary Williams Court Ceremony:
"I did something privately for him where I made a tape for him, gave him a toast. They didn't have anything in the glass so I guess he owes me a drink. But, I love what Gary did for our league, not just for Maryland. He's a fierce competitor, really one of the outstanding coaches in the history of college basketball, not just in the conference. I think you have to reward his commitment.

"When he did come [to Maryland] he came here from a great job. His love for the university being a graduate showed every time he coached; he was like a player. He and I are really close friends, and I think we became that because he knows that I'm a competitor and we respect one another. So that's why I did the video, pumped him up in front of his fans hoping that would help him. Something like that is forever, and I appreciate it dearly at Duke. I would hope that everyone who has played basketball here at Maryland understands that the court is for everybody. It's not just the guys who played for Gary. I mean Lefty [Driesell] started something here on a national level that was unbelievable. Some of the greatest players to ever play college basketball played here at Maryland for Lefty. Hopefully no one has forgotten, it's a rich history of basketball here at Maryland. Beautiful basketball at Cole [Field House] and now here, so it's an honor to be here for this game. I'm very happy for him."

Duke Junior Mason Plumlee On his play:
"The openings were there and [my teammates] got me the ball. I kind of struggled the last two games, so I was in need of a game like this individually. But more importantly, collectively everybody came to play. We didn't have any weak links and everybody contributed."

On how his team took hold of the game in the final minutes:
"Honestly it was on the boards. I remember possessions where we would get two or three offensive rebounds and then score and that's devastating. I'd say the rebounding was the biggest thing and then getting loose balls."

On his team's execution:
"I thought we did a great job of that today. If you noticed we not only got great shots, we got layups. Austin [Rivers] got layups, Ryan [Kelly] got a dunk, and we got easy stuff down the stretch."

Duke Junior Ryan Kelly
On preparing to play at Maryland:

"After a tough loss it can be emotionally draining, but we had two really good days of practice leading up to this and prepared for [Maryland]. You're not going to play against a team that has a greater crowd at their home court and you have to be amped up for it. For us to respond the way we did was a good sign for our team."

On his team's play:
"The first ten minutes of the game was not very good defensively and that still shows where we need to get better. From then on we did a heck of a job. Our guards did a great job on [Terrell] Stoglin. They made him take tough shots and he made some, but overall they did a great job. We need guys that continue to step up on the defensive end individually and then we're going to become a better defensive team."

Duke Junior Seth Curry
On the importance of his team's offensive rebounds:

"They were big. It was just showing that we were going to the offensive boards real hard and that kinds of demoralizes the [other] team when you keep getting offensive rebounds and you're getting good shots, just not making them."

On his night shooting from the field:
"It was a rough game for me shooting-wise, but I can't let that get me down. I've just got to keep working and keep taking my shots when they're open. When I got that [late shot] I kind of got more into the game and it let me get some rebounds and get some stops."

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