Quotes: Duke v. Miami

Coach K, Ryan Kelly, Seth Curry, and Austin Rivers met the media following the game

Duke Head Coach Mike Krzyzewski
Opening Statements:

"I thought [Reggie] Johnson was spectacular. I think for 24 minutes we weren't really good at all. We had no energy and [Miami] did. I thought they played really well. The last 16 minutes of regulation, I thought we played extremely well and gave ourselves an opportunity to win, but we missed free throws. You can't blame a kid for missing a free throw; we had a chance to win in regulation. Then in overtime, we missed all our free throws. You can't do that. The first 24 minutes, my feeling is you can't cheat the game. You have to play that way all the time and I think free throws go in at the end, at least more often than not. Congratulation to them, I thought their kids played extremely well, especially their two big guys. They are just really good. We played outstanding defense on Johnson at the end of regulation. It's just true strength just to score a couple of those, it wasn't bad defense. He just made some big plays and then we made big plays. Again, we had the chance to close the deal there and didn't."

On lack energy at beginning of game:
"No, I don't. The place doesn't have energy. We don't, the place doesn't. We had none, I'm not blaming anyone else. It's us. We should have energy even if the place is empty. It's that important"

On games in the ACC:
"It wasn't. It would cheapen Miami's effort, and we have the utmost respect for Miami. Our game preparation and practices were intense. To us, every ACC game has equal importance and the only time that changes is in the ACC tournament when you have the chance to win the tournament. Every ACC game I have always treated with equal importance."

On shortcomings around the basket:
"They were big and more physical than we were and forced us out. We tried to do some stuff there. They just forced us out."

On Miami's Reggie Johnson:
"He's good and we had to do a lot of trapping to get back into the game. We just changed completely how we did the ball screen defense and as a result, you get a little scattered. It forced turnovers, but your rebounding responsibilities can get skewed. It's not like we did wrong things in the last 16 minutes. To do what we did on the ball you give something else up and for the most part it was a good tradeoff. We were down by 16 and really had a chance to win. It was a tradeoff we had to make for this game."

On energy levels in last 16 minutes:
"We played with gusto, great energy and enthusiasm. Some of it didn't translate to offense. Our defense was really good in the last 16 minutes and that is what got us back into the game. We missed open shots and we missed a couple of shots right by the basket in that 16 minutes. I thought we played well enough to win. We didn't close the deal with some shots inside and free throws."

On energizing the team:
"I don't think you can draw any conclusions from that. Against another team doing that you could get drilled. It just worked for that period of time. We have won 19 games, and now all of a sudden we found something, must have had something to win 19 minutes. What we found was a game we were not playing with energy. We were able to turn that around, and we found a loss.

On the next game:
"I'm going to digest this; we'll talk about our game on Wednesday tomorrow. A Duke team should play with energy for 40 minutes. You go outside right now and look at the banners, there are quite a few up there, and they were not won without energy, without hunger and without people really wanting it. We've wanted it a lot and we've won a lot. We are supposed to play hard and with energy all the time, those are givens."

Duke Junior Ryan Kelly
On Duke's poor performance in the final 2+ minutes of overtime:

"I think it was just execution on our part. We didn't make the right plays, and that's something we've got to get better at. This is two times now at home where end-of-game situations have bit us in the butt, and that can't happen."

"We believed we could win, and we believed we were going to win. That's what enabled us to make that comeback. You have to believe it for it to happen, and we just didn't execute toward the end. But really it was on the first 24 minutes of the game. If we don't dig ourselves a hole like that, it's a whole different game."

On what he thought the cause was for Duke's poor first half performance:
"I don't have an explanation. I don't think [looking ahead to the North Carolina game] was part of it. I would hope not. We were worried about today, and we knew Miami was a really good basketball team. We prepared well for them, practiced hard, but we just didn't come out - we weren't emotional and we didn't have the fire."

On Duke's interior defense and the play of Miami's Reggie Johnson:
"He got whatever he wanted around the basket. He's a big body and he held his ground and got a lot of opportunities around the basket and finished. He cleaned up every missed shot they had throughout the game. Our entire team, we didn't defensive rebound well. They got to the offensive glass and got second-chance opportunities, and that's really what built their lead. They weren't hitting every shot. It was just their second shots, and that's effort. They wanted the ball more."

Duke Junior Seth Curry
"We just didn't execute the last two minutes of the overtime and we missed free throws. Other than that, we got the shots that we wanted. We were ready, we were expecting to go in there and win, and we just missed the free throws. And we didn't execute."

On what Duke did differently in the second half:
"We were more aggressive on the defensive end. We played the ball screen a lot more aggressively, and we were able to rotate faster and get some steals and get out and get buckets. Our defensive mindset was to force turnovers and we did that."

On whether fatigue was a factor in overtime:
"I can't speak for my teammates, but for me, I wasn't tired at all. I felt like we were going to do what it took to win. We just stepped up and missed free throws. We played pretty good defense, but we didn't execute on the offensive end."

Duke Freshman Austin Rivers
On how this loss compares to the loss against Florida State:

"It's worse because we weren't down versus Florida State. That was just a battle. They hit a lot of good shots, but we played well versus them. This game was a tale of two halves and that's the problem. The problem was we played terrible in the first half. We didn't have any fight. On defense, they were just getting points in the paint and rebounds. We just didn't play defense. Then in the second half, we wanted to play great, but when you play like that it'll come back to get you. You just can't let up. They wanted it, they played hard the whole game, and that's why they won. You can't just play one half and expect to win, especially against a team like Miami. That's not how it works."

On whether fatigue was a factor in overtime:
"I'm not tired right now. I could play another overtime right now - I wish we could - but we can't. People are going to look at it as, 'Oh they missed free throws or they gave up too many points in the paint,' but that first half killed us. And the free throws did kill us as well. We've got to make free throws. I've got to make my free throws. I'm missing simple shots that I know I can make. Guys are missing shots. We just didn't make free throws, and when you don't do that, it just doesn't give you a chance. And in the first half we just played weak."

On what caused Duke to struggle in the first half:
"It was energy. It was fighting. Our coach should never have to fight us to fight. We're playing against Miami in Cameron Indoor on ESPN, all that stuff. We've got to play. You can come out here and play one half and expect to beat a team like Miami. It's just not going to work. They have too many weapons, and a lot of their guys stepped up, especially [Reggie Johnson]. He hit some tough shots."

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