Matt Jones Journal Vol.2

Duke commit updates Blue Devil fans on the latest happenings on his path to Durham

What's up Duke Fans.

I'm ready to do my second journal entry of the year.

My high school season heading to the post season. Our team is 25-5 on the year and I think we're getting better at the right time. The games we lost I felt like we shot ourselves in the foot, but as we played more and more we cut down our mistakes and have really focused in on our ultimate goal: to win a state championship for our seniors.

As the season has gone along I feel like I've improved as an individual as well. I've averaging 18 points and eight rebounds and have really made an effort to lead by example. As a guard rebounding can sometimes be overlooked, so I really work hard to be a complete player. I feel like every time I take the court I have to want it more than the other team and more than my opponent.

Being a leader is something I've really taken seriously this year. I've tried to focus each time out in order to avoid sluggish starts and to set the tone from the start. I'm having a lot of fun with that and with my team in general. I realize how blessed I am to have these opportunities and I use that in every game.

Ever since committing to Duke I've had a chance to continue to build a relationship with the coaches and players. I talk with Coach Capel the most. We usually talk about a little of everything. He'll ask how my season is going and that kind of thing, but he'll also talk with me about things like homework, music, and just my life in general.

People always talk about how easy it is to relate with Coach Capel and they're right. For me I feel like I can talk with him and relate. He's been in my shoes both as a high school player and he's been where I'm going - to play for Coach K as a guard. In general he's just really laid back and he understands you as a player.

I also want to mention that I'm really proud of my future teammate, Rasheed Sulaimon, for being named to the McDonald's game.

With high school ending in the next few weeks I'm also starting to gear up for the AAU season. Our goal is to make it to the EYBL Championship. I've been working out throughout the season, hitting individual workouts three or four times a week in the morning. I do weight training, running, and skill work every week.

Before I wrap this up I've gotta recap the Duke-North Carolina game. It's not as big a thing as it is in North Carolina here in Texas, but it's still a big event.

I was really relieved when Austin hit that shot because I had been talking my guys up all day and taking a lot of heat for it. If that shot hadn't gone in I'd have taken a lot of grief, but Austin proved he can play with anyone and he gave all us Blue Devils bragging rights.

Away from basketball I've just been laughing and enjoying life while trying to be a regular kid. I hope everyone has a good month and I'll check back soon. I appreciate you reading my blog.

Until next time.

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