Top '14 Florida RB Prospect Almost Back

2014 RB Sony Michel suffered a big blow when his knee was injured last season. An ACL tear is tough to come back from but Michel is strong and focused and has put in a great deal of time working on his recovery. Michel has picked up some more offers to add to his already impressive list. Find out the latest right here:

Sony Michel is finally getting back to where he's used to being. He's used to being in great shape with a constant ability to improve his already dynamic game. After tearing his ACL, he experienced a different feeling. It was a feeling of helplessness. It was hard to overcome and stay positive but Michel has risen above and is close to complete recovery.

"I've worked really hard to get better and heal. I'm feeling great. I'm getting it (his knee) back ready."

Michel's injury hasn't stopped the flow of interest from college coaches. He's received three verbal offers recently.

"I've been getting more verbals. I got verbal offers from Duke, USF and Texas Tech."

Michel devotes a large portion of his time to work in the classroom so Duke is attractive to him for more reasons than just football.

"Duke is great because of football but they are also great academically. I really like that so I'm interested."

USF is close to Michel's Florida home so proximity is the first attractive factor about the Bulls. Michel is interested in finding out more about this program on the rise.

"I like Tampa and I think I would like it there. I'm interested in spending more time there and learning more about it. It seems like a great school."

Michel says he's been to the state of Texas once but he's never visited Texas Tech.

"I am looking forward to checking it out. I'd love to see what it's like over there. I liked Texas when I went before."

Michel has spent some time at Miami over the past few weeks. He says he's enjoying getting to know coach Golden and staff better.

"I've been going over to Miami for some basketball games lately. It's been good to just talk to those coaches a little more. It's a great place."

Still, while his recruitment is important to him, Michel has it on the back burner. His focus: recovering completely so he can reach his goals on the football field this season.

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