Zeigler Recaps Visit To Duke

After a disappointing end to the 2012 season the Blue Devils are looking to make changes and add new faces. One of those potential new faces is Central Michigan transfer Trey Zeigler. The 6'5 wing recently visited Duke officially and then sat down with TDD to recap the experience.

"I enjoyed the trip to Duke a lot," said Trey Zeigler. "My hosts were Josh Hairston, Tyler Thornton, and Quinn Cook. I'd known Josh for a while through AAU so we already had a good relationship. They just showed me around campus and took me through the visit."

Three years ago Zeigler was a four star, top 40 prospect who had offers from Arizona State, Michigan, Michigan State, Oklahoma, and UCLA among others. However, when push came to shove Zeigler couldn't turn down the opportunity to play for his father, Ernie. However, after the elder Zeigler parted ways with CMU, Trey began thinking transfer and another recruiting process.

"This time I have different priorities when it comes to making a decision. I'm older and more mature and am approaching the process in another way. The last time I did this I made decision for with my family. This time I'm looking for a place that has the right pieces, a place that I can come in and fit in and help the program compete for a National Championship."

Of course that will mean getting advice from his former coach, though in a different role this time.

"My dad isn't recruiting me this time, and he's always wanted what is best for me. He never pressured me into playing for him last time around, but he did have to balance the idea of recruiting me when we talked basketball. With this process he's still wanting only what's best for me, and we're looking for a place that will allow me to reach my highest potential."

Zeigler currently lists Duke, UCLA, Michigan State, Michigan, and Pittsburgh among others. His trip to Durham was his first official visit of the new process. There may be more coming.

"Right now I'm hoping to have a decision made around the middle of April. I want to make sure I get it done so I can prepare on getting to summer school and being ready to make the change."

Part of the transition process will be filing a waiver with the NCAA in hopes of being allowed to play right away due to extraordinary circumstances. Such a waiver, however, is not guaranteed to be successful.

"The schools I've talked to think the waiver will be approved, but until it's filed and reviewed we just don't know. That means I have to prepare to be at whichever school I choose for at least two years, and possibly three. All you can do it wait and see and be happy in your decision."

On his visit to Durham, Zeigler had a chance to have several long conversations with head coach Mike Krzyzewski and his assistant coaches. Those meetings left quite an impression.

"Coach K said he really likes my versatility and toughness. At Central I played four positions. I won't be doing that at the high major level, but could play anywhere from the one to three spots for him. He said they like the idea of me coming in and adding my skill set to their backcourt."

Versatility is, of course, sorely needed as the Blue Devils lost their top scorer and playmaker, Austin Rivers to the NBA Draft.

"Coach K said they do have the one kid, Rasheed [Sulaimon] coming in and he'll certainly challenge for minutes with the kind of player he is. He also said that everyone is competing and nothing is guaranteed to anyone. There are certainly minutes available there based on our conversations."

Zeigler was offered a scholarship while on campus. Should he accept, the 6-foot-5 prospect would become just the fourth transfer in the history of Krzyzewski's tenure.

"We talked about how they really don't go after transfers all that much. He talked about Roshown and Dahntay - both of whom came to Duke and worked really hard. Both ended up in the NBA. That's a pretty elite club and it speaks to Coach K's ability to develop guys. To think he's offering me that chance is an honor for sure."

And does the potential change from the Mid-American conference to a high major level of nightly competition phase Zeigler?

"We didn't play that level of opponent every night at Central, but we played a lot of really good teams. A lot of teams with experienced guys and we played a lot of out of conference teams from the bigger conferences. I'm sure it'll be a change in intensity and in the level of opponents taken as a whole. That's something that excites me, but I also know that I have to go in and just be eager to learn from the coaching staff. In talking with Coach K and the other coaches I've just told them I want to learn and I want to come in and compete. Like I said, my goal is to be a team player who helps them win."

Still, Zeigler wasn't ready to make a decision and returned back to Central Michigan to resume classes this week. From here the decision making process will include some additional reflection and, perhaps, more trips.

"I have talked to some other schools, but haven't set any other visits up just yet. I may before I decide though."

As a sophomore at Central Michigan Zeigler averaged 15.8 points, 6.7 rebounds, and 2.5 assists per game while shooting 46 percent from the field.

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