One On One With JaQuel Richmond

As one of the top point guard prospects in the class of 2014, local star JaQuel Richmond has a number of high major programs in pursuit. Recently the five star guard sat down with TDD to discuss his recruitment and more.

You recently faced off against Josh Newkirk (2013 4 star PG). How do you approach games against guys who are, like you, highly rated?

JaQuel Richmond: First, it was a tough matchup. Both of us had tough shooting stretches in the game, but it's always good going against a talented guard like that, brings the best out of you.

Did you come into the Carolina Challenge looking forward to playing the top guys?

I just come to play and compete. [The event administrators] just matched me up against guys and the main thing I do is just try to play the game the right way and with a good attitude.

You're the veteran now with the Carolina Challenge, as this is your third time here. What's it like for you being regarded as one of the top guys here?

The big thing is I'm going to let guys know where I stand by how hard I play. When I first played here, I looked up to players who were older and better than me, now I want to do the same and let guys know that I come to play.

You played with Theo Pinson this year in high school, correct?

Yes, this was our first time playing alongside each other in high school and it went really well. And now that the AAU season is coming up, we're looking forward to playing with each other in 17U's with CP3, I think we're going to be real strong again.

How do you think it's going to benefit you and him playing AAU together now that you've had a year of playing together in high school?

It's going to work real well because playing in high school we know where we are going to be when we are on both ends of the court, our connection is going to help us a lot.

Usually when two high level guys are on the same high school team there's talk about playing together in college. Does that happen with you and Theo?

We don't really talk about it much, I mean, we can, but we try not to talk about it too much.

How are you handling it for yourself then?

I'm just taking my time with it, seeing who is going to come watch me in AAU.

What where your thoughts of the schools you visited during the season?

It was really good because I got a chance to see coaches and how they interact with their teams. It's totally different seeing games in person from watching on TV, especially when you see how the coaches are with their players, see how hard they really coach them.

What did you notice about the coaches and what they were saying to their players?

Basically that as players, you needed to be patient, calm and want to win. A lot of coaches talked with their guys about playing together and making plays.

You saw a couple of games at Duke. What were your thoughts about the game approach of Coach K?

I really liked it. Seeing Coach K, man, he coaches his guys hard. It's just so different seeing him coach in person up close, he goes extra hard with his guys, he demands a lot, which I really like.

What about that style really sticks out for you?

You just gotta fight through it, that's the most important thing, it teaches you how to be mentally tough, it motivates you to play better, that's for sure.

Where does Duke stand with you in terms of recruiting?

Well, they haven't offered just yet. They are recruiting me and Tyus Jones, so they are seeing how things progress with both of us.

Does that approach make a big impression on you either way? It doesn't really bother me, I know they are evaluating both of us, I got plenty of time to make a decision.

Are you seeing new schools coming into your recruitment now that the spring and summer periods are coming up?

Yeah, Maryland is getting involved, their assistant coach has called and we've been talking some.

Did you watch them during the season? What are your early impressions of the new style under Coach Turgeon?

Yeah, I watched them play a little bit during the season, their guards really had the ball in their hands a lot, that was good to see.

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