One On One With Tyrone Outlaw

As one of the rising stars in the class of 2013, Roxboro (N.C.) Pearson High standout Tyrone Outlaw has a number of schools watching from afar. Does that include Duke? TDD sat down with the 6'5 wing to discuss his recruitment.

TDD: Can you summarize your Carolina Challenge experience for us?

Tyrone Outlaw: Well you know, Mr. Telep said that the best player at camp oftentimes isn't the top scorer. Because of that I told myself that I wasn't really going to score, I was going to rebound, set screens, box out, guard the best man, everything.

How does it feel knowing you're regarded to be one of the top 80 players in North Carolina?

Right where I want to be, I want to be the best and that means you have to play the best. I wouldn't want to be anywhere else. It seems ilke you have some very specific goals written down somewhere.

In my mind, I want to be a great player, I don't want to be good at just one thing, I want to be a well rounded player.

Who did you watch growing up that inspired you as a player?

Michael Jordan and Derrick Rose for sure.

You've always been recognized as a guy with a high GPA, where does the motivation to excel in the classroom come from for you?

My mom. She told me that one of the things that my dad struggled with was his grades, so her and I wanted to make sure that I kept at least a 3.6 or 3.7 GPA, I'm trying to get mine even higher.

Have you already taken the ACT or SAT?

I've already taken the ACT and I'm taking the SAT coming up here in a couple of weeks.

How did recruiting go for you Tyrone during the high school season?

Well, during the season schools kept up with me, Murray State called, Duke called, Richmond called, Wake Forest, VA Tech, Miami, they all got in contact with me and my high school coach.

What was it like to get the call from Duke?

Like a dream come true, honestly. I was at a workout and my coach told me that one of the assistants from Duke had left a voicemail for me. I couldn't stop smiling, that's for sure.

Which assistant was it?

It was Coach Capel.

What's the pitch been like from Duke from what you've heard so far?

They just recently called so I haven't heard too much yet aside from they want me to come down, do a visit, play with the guys, stuff like that. They told me they see me as somebody who can play on the wing, do a lot of different things, they really want me to come down soon.

Now watching you play, you've got a wing forward style body, but you play like a power forward, is that how you've always approached playing?

Yeah, because early on, I played power forward or center for my teams, but I've been making my way up to play like a guard or wing but I'm still bringing that physical mindset. When I get up to college and, hopefully, the NBA, I'm going to be more of a guard, so I still got some big man ways that I play my game with, but I'm working on my guard skills too.

Is there a trainer you are working with or a coach who is helping develop your game?

Yeah, my high school coach, and Garner Road AAU, they have a trainer that I'm working with, we all train together as players.

Garner Road has some guys who used to play for them who are going to NC State here in the fall. Is that something you look at with your decision?

Yeah, T.J. Warren is going and Rodney Purvis, he used to be with Garner Road too, not recently. I'd love to go check them out.

Have they expressed interest in you?

Not yet, it's just Duke and Wake Forest so far who have expressed interest from this area.

Going back to player role, when you go to college are you hoping to be a wing, or do you want to play more in the post?

I want to be a wing, but I want to be able to play on the wing and go to the block too, I want to do it all.

Are there guys at any schools recruiting you that you can point to and say, hey, they've had a guy that's like me in their program?

Yeah, I think like at Duke with Ryan Kelly, you know, he's an all around player, he went to Ravenscroft HS, he does a lot of things at Duke, so in my mind, that's one that I can think of, just because I want to be able to do a lot of things when I go to college.

You've got the history down it seems like with players from North Carolina who are playing in college right now, do you pay much attention to what guys are doing at the college level that you've watched from North Carolina?

Only at the schools that I'm really interested in and are showing interest in recruiting me. The only thing that matters to me is I want to go somewhere where I can contribute to the team and be a good player for them.

With Duke indicating they want you to come to campus to play with the guys, are they indicating they want you to meet with the staff, check things out as well?

Yeah, they want me to come in, sit down with them, see how things are going and where we are at, see what coming to Duke is all about, getting to work out and play with the guys, see what it takes to compete at the college level, that's just a plus to me.

How do you feel being recruited at a high level nationally, including some of the better schools within your state?

I think, coming from where I'm from, it's just awesome, but at the same time, I'm not going to say that I've done it, that I've made it, I'm trying to do much more.

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