One On One With Kennedy Meeks

Regardless of how the class of 2012 shakes out on the recruiting trail, Duke is certainly going to need a new look in the post next year. One of the top big men in the country resides just down the highway. So has Duke made any inroads?

You're one of the biggest guys here. How does that size advantage factor into a camp like the Carolina Challenge?

Kennedy Meeks: I always try to stay aggressive, that's always my mindset no matter where I'm playing.

You seemed to excel at rebounding and throwing good outlet passes, is that something you've worked on?

That's always something that's come real natural to me for some reason.

Being one of the better guys at this camp, you've been recruited by high majors for quite awhile, do you feel pressure from being so highly regarded?

No, not really, the only pressure I really get maybe is from people in Charlotte, because they all want me to go to UNC. So I hear that a lot.

Who is advising you through the process, and how do they help you deal with all the attention?

My family, mainly. They are just telling me to focus on my academics and to listen to what the coaches are saying, that's pretty much it.

How are things progressing academically for you since it sounds like such a priority?

It's going real well, I was actually just admitted into the National Honor Society. I also just took my ACT the other day, looking forward to seeing how that went. Do you have any visits lined up for the summer?

Yeah I'm going to be making some, I know I'm going to Louisville for a visit at some point.

Did you track their season closely?

Oh yeah, that was really good to watch. I wasn't surprised at all, they'd been playing good all year.

How has the recruitment progressed with them? It's gone really well. It's been Coach Keatts recruiting me, I really like talking with him.

Playing in the Triangle for various events, what kind of interest are you seeing from North Carolina, Duke and NC State?

I'm seeing a lot from NC State, that's for sure, Coach Lutz has been recruiting me for awhile, he's a good coach and Coach Orlando too from NC State, he's cool too.

What do you think of their program now that they've been recruiting you for awhile?

I like them, I went on a visit there, I'm real impressed with them.

They've gotten a lot of attention for their recruiting class coming in, how much do you follow that kind of thing?

It's big for me. I talked to Rodney the other day which was cool, he was telling me it was the best move for him to go to NC State and all the coaches are really great, they all have experience.

What's a good move for you in your mind? Do you want to come in and play with a lot of other bigs, or are you thinking you want to go in and be the man from the start?

I really want to come in and be the man early. I know I can contribute by being a big man who plays hard and commands attention.

Which schools are pitching you on coming in and being "the man"?

Just about everybody, except for maybe North Carolina. They haven't offered yet, not sure where things are with them just yet.

And yet North Carolina is mentioned a lot when seeing your recruitment discussed. Did you always grow up a UNC fan?

No, I actually grew up a Duke fan.

Has Duke expressed any interest in you to this point?

Not a whole lot just yet, I've talked with Coach Capel a few times, but they are like North Carolina, I like them, just haven't had much interest.

How does that factor into your thought process?

I'm not really sure right now to be honest. I know with Coach Capel, he's coached Blake Griffin so that's cool, but I don't really know where things are at yet.

When thinking about factors in your decision making process, what sticks out as the most important?

The biggest thing is a team that's close, that plays hard and spends time together off the court.

How much do you study the various team philosophies when it comes to big men?

It's something I look at for sure, like I look at whether they play high low or 4 out 1 in or whatever other style they have.

Do you have schools that are recruiting you that you feel really use their bigs well?

Yeah, Georgetown for sure, NC State too, Louisville does as well, Syracuse also.

And Duke?

I think they use them a lot more than people think. They do a lot of different things which is cool. I think they use their bigs to screen when they need to, but they also get them the ball.

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