One On One With Allerick Freeman

One of the more athletic and highly rated wings in the class of 2013 is Charlotte (N.C.) Olympic standout Allerick Freeman. Rated as a five star prospect and the nation's No. 3 shooting guard, Freeman recently caught up with TDD to update his recruitment.

At the Carolina Challenge you drew some interesting match ups including a one on one battle with Theo Pinson. How'd it go?

Allerick Freeman: He's athletic, he's long, he can really shoot it, it was a good matchup. Theo was really one of the best players there.

You are also one of the top rated players in the class. Do you approach events with a sense of being the hunter or the hunted?

I think there's some guys that look at it like they are hunting me, but at the same time, I'm going after some guys when we matchup too. That's the way it is you know, if you got guys coming after you, you better be ready to go after them, which I am.

You've been recruited for a long time at the high major level Allerick, do you have any new schools that are entering the picture?

I mean, there's schools that have been recruiting me for awhile, but as far as new schools goes, if they want to show interest, I'm open to it.

Some of the schools that have been mentioned prominently in your recruitment include Villanova, NC State, and UCLA. Is that list accurate?

For sure they are the schools that have been recruiting me the hardest, and they are really good schools and programs.

With NC State, they seem to be on the rise after their tournament success and the recruiting class they have coming in. Is that an appealing pitch for you?

I think for those guys that are going there, it's a good situation for them, but for me I'm not sure because I haven't really looked at it too much just yet for myself. I'm just focusing on basketball and getting better as a player, recruiting will take care of itself.

What sort of situation do you see as idea for you?

I'd say a team that gets up and down, a team that lets their guards play, lets them shift between one and two as a combo.

There had been rumors that Duke had been in contact with you?

Yeah, they've expressed some interest, but it's not to the point where it's really serious yet.

Which members of the staff have you spoken with?

It was Coach Collins so far.

What's the biggest factor you look at with schools?

Relationship with the coaches is important somewhat, but I'll pick a school based on the school and program and what kind of success the team has and how I fit in basketball wise. Those are really important factors to me.

When you talk about picking a school based on the program, are you going more for how the program can develop you as a player, or is it more for the opportunity to play with other guys and have success?

It's a little bit of both to be honest. I plan on staying all four years, I want to get my degree and play basketball on a good team.

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