Evrett Edwards continues to gain offers

Since committing to Duke last month, recruitment has only picked up for Evrett Edwards, a 5'11, 175-pound corner with 4.42 speed out of Woodbridge, Virginia. Adding an offer from Pittsburgh today, a major ACC could be next. More inside.

Pittsburgh was actually one of the first schools I'd been talking to before Illinois offered me (his first offer). I was very proactive in the process, stayed in contact with (graduate assistant) Coach Dave Bucar," said Edwards. "Today I made a phone call to him, and they offered."

The Panthers join the Blue Devils, West Virginia, Northwestern, Illinois, Wake Forest, Ohio, and others in the offer bag.

"I'm supposed to speak with the head coach (Paul Chryst), the defensive coordinator (Dave Huxtable), and position coach (Matt House) sometime this week."

At the moment, Edwards does not know if or when he will visit Pittsburgh. "If I go, it'll be during camp period. I'll go and check it out, see what they have to offer."

He has already checked out a couple schools recently.

Northwestern April 13th, followed by Illinois on the 14th.

On Northwestern: "It wasn't my first time to Chicago. I have family there. It was just that I didn't expect it to be that windy," he laughed. "I guess it's called the windy city for a reason. It was 40-some degrees out, and people were walking around in t-shirts and flip flops- and there I was with my Northface jacket on."

"I know Northwestern has been on the brink of getting a conference championship. They are making the changes necessary to turn the program around."

"The entire coaching staff showed me around the school. I had great conversations with all of them. They tested my knowledge of football, and I, of course, passed all the tests… I got to talk one-on-one with Coach Fitz. He said he likes that I'm a kid that's not just prepared for school and for football, but prepared for life. They like that my parents have prepared me well beyond my current years. They like my self-motivation and self-preparation and my ability to find info, and if I can't find it, I have someone help me find it. They like my ability to speak with people, and said my character is hard to find in recruits these days."

"Illinois was very similar. My communication with the Illinois staff has obviously gone on longer than my communcation with Northwestern. The fact that they were the first school to offer me is big. The thing I like about Illinois is the fact that they want me, but they also tell me that I'm a necessity. They not only want me, but need me."

-An item high on Edwards' checklist from the beginning. Something he also found in Duke.


And while he left both Northwestern and Illinois happy, he declared he is still "solidly committed to Duke."

"I'm committed to Duke as has been publicized, so I haven't been paying too much attention to the whole recruiting process," he admitted. "I feel that, after a while, it becomes nothing more than a distraction from what you need to be doing. My main focus right now is me bettering myself as a person, bettering myself in the classroom, and on the football field."

With stock rising, is there a chance he could reopen his commitment?

"The only thing I can think of is if something happened with the coaching staff at Duke. And Coach Cutcliffe gave me his word that he will be there. If something were to happen, that's why we have options, and that's something my parents are always preaching, 'options, options, options.'"

"If something happens, we will take care of it then. But today, I'm committed to Duke."

As his DBs coach, Dennis Jones, noted, "This young man wants to go to school for international business. I'm there for his support in any of his choices that fits him. I would like him to go where he will be pushed and be the best competitor."

Duke will be one of several schools swinging by Woodbridge High this week for spring practices- Florida State being one of the biggest.

"Florida State asked my coaches for my film on Thursday. Said they like what they saw and will be by the school tomorrow (Monday)," said Edwards.

Stanford and Notre Dame are two others expressing interest, and will also visit this week, along with Northwestern, West Virginia, Illinois, and Purdue. Boston College has already been by, and could also extend an offer.

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