One on one with Julius Randle

Over the next year there will be a battle at the top of the 2013 rankings between Jabari Parker and Julius Randle to see which ends up as the nation's best overall prospect. At the EYBL's second session, Randle made a strong push to move up before sitting down and chatting up TDD.

TDD: I noticed you played most of the minutes in both halves. Can you talk about what you to get ready to play so many minutes in these games?

Julius Randle: Eat right, run, just take care of my body, stretch, just simple things that an athlete can do that most guys don't even think about doing.

What got you into doing stuff like that considering most young players really don't do that kind of regimen?

Mostly it was my coach getting me into it. He's played in college and the pros, stuff like that he's taught me that's helped me make my game better.

Can you share what it's like being able to travel the way you guys travel as an AAU team and the opportunities it affords you Julius?

It's a total blessing. I don't have any complaints about it. I'm like all of us, just very fortunate to have that experience.

There's a switch that seems to be flipped often Julius when you are playing when you go into beast mode and there's just no stopping you, what causes that switch to flip?

Whenever my team needs a push or whenever I feel like I'm just not finishing well…when I know I can do more, it's just a mental thing, me telling myself in my head that I can do more for my team.

With recruiting, can you share how much you looked at the high profile recruitments who chose to sign in the spring like Shabazz Muhammad and others and what you learned from watching those guys go through that process?

Yeah, waiting was really smart you know because players leave, coaches leave, assistants get new opportunities, so that's something that's beneficial to waiting.

Is waiting into the spring something that's a serious option for you Julius?

Yeah, that's something I'm looking at, for sure.

How do you feel about the attention increasing on you if you choose to wait until the spring signing period next year?

It's not really a big deal to me and I'm not worried about it at all, it's all a blessing to have the attention.

Fans are always curious when it comes to a player perspective on what causes them to actually decide to make a visit to a program, whether it be unofficially or officially. Can you share what your approach is to that?

Just whenever you watch them or if you want to go create more of a relationship with them or with the players if you want to go to campus and hang out and chill because you haven't been there for awhile, there's all kinds of reasons.

Switching to recruiting for a bit, your friendship with Rodney Purvis, is that relationship one of the primary reasons you are considering NC State for your college choice, or do you have other things about them that you like?

That's not the only thing for sure, their playing style is exciting, Coach Gottfried came in and they had a lot of success this year, they have great assistants, great facilities and great fans, there's nothing that I don't like about NC State.

How about with Kansas, what's the selling point for them with you?

It's their big men tradition, but it's other things too, their playing style, how they space the court and I know that Coach Self wants to work with me and has ideas on how to use my versatility.

I'm sure there's a lot of schools that tell you they want you to be a versatile player Julius considering how talented you are, how do you differentiate between all the schools when most all of them are saying come in and be a versatile player for us?

I look at players in the past, and just being trusting of the coach. If I know I can go there and trust the coach and have a good feeling about them and that they are going to use me right, that's how I look at it.

What do you mean by players in the past?

How coaches used their players in the past, that kind of thing.

Keeping in the ACC, can you share how UNC's pitch has been progressing with you Julius?

They are saying the same thing that most schools say, they want me to come there, play hard, help them win a national championship with them, stuff like that.

Talking about Duke now, how close is the relationship with Coach Capel as it's been reported in the media?

We've got a pretty good relationship. I've got a pretty good relationship with a lot of coaches, we all have a pretty good relationship going back to when he was at Oklahoma and it carried on when he went to Duke.

How much communication is there between you and the Duke staff?

We talk here and there like I do with most schools, it's not like I talk all the time with coaches, just when they can call.

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