One on one with Allerick Freeman

As one of the top guards in the class of 2013, Allerick Freeman certainly has a number of high profile options and offers. TDD spoke with the Charlotte area prospect this weekend.

TDD: Duke's a new school who has entered your recruitment, and they've had some shifting in their guard depth charts. How do you feel about their guard situation and the way Duke utilizes their guards?

Allerick Freeman: I like what they do with their guards a lot and, Coach K, he's got the most wins in the country now. He's turned so many guys pro…so many pro guards to come out of his program. So first of all, it's an honor to be recruited by Duke. Second of all, their track record is proven and their recent success including a national championship, it all speaks for themselves.

Some have said in the past that being recruited by Duke is an honor but it's also intimidating because of how many games he's won, is it like that for you?

No, I'm real comfortable with all the schools recruiting me. My thing is I'm just trying to build relationships with all the coaches recruiting me because if I'm going to be somewhere for four years, I have to be comfortable with the coach who is going to look out for me.

What's going on with UCLA and Ohio State and Villanova?

Oh yeah, I actually just talked a little while ago with Coach Matta, he's been watching me play and work out and I've talked with Coach McCray at UCLA, Coach Howland, all those guys are really great.

What was it like getting the offer from Duke since they came in late relative to the other schools recruiting you?

Well, they did come in late, but every school comes at their own pace, so I wouldn't say it's quote on quote a game changer, but Duke's a great school and I'm happy they are recruiting me. I don't feel either way about where they entered in the recruiting process with me, all I'm looking at is they are recruiting me and they've given me an offer. That's worth evaluating them to me. I'm considering taking a scholarship with them just like I'm considering taking a scholarship offer from UCLA and Villanova and Kansas and Ohio State.

Have you had an opportunity to talk with any players associated with any of the programs you are considering?

I've talked with some guys at Kansas when I was there for Midnight Madness. I've got a great relationship with my guy Christian who was at Kansas, and Thomas Robinson…I've got a good relationship with him as well. I've got a great relationship with Tyshawn Taylor, and I talked to Dominic Cheek and Maalik at Villanova. My dude Matt Jones, he's going to Duke, I'm close with him.

How long have you known Matt Jones?

I've known for him for a couple of years, we've played against each other at camps and events, so I've built a relationship with him just like I've built with other guys.

How much do you listen to guys who are telling you, "hey, come play with me at such and such program?"

Some guys take it with a grain of salt, some guys really listen to it. Me, personally, I don't really get into who I'm playing with or one and done and that kind of stuff, I'm mainly concerned with the school and coaches recruiting me and I compare them that way. If one of my friends is on the team, that's just a blessing.

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