One on one with Justise Winslow

Though he's yet to gain a scholarship offer, 6-foot-6 Houston area prospect Justise Winslow is certainly a player worth following on the recruiting board in the class of 2014. Over the weekend Winslow sat down with TDD.

TDD: That looked like one of the toughest games in the entire tournament. Can you talk about what it was like for you as a player to be a part of that game and play at a high level?

Justise Winslow: Really I'm just started to get used to it because the EYBL is so competitive and we've played Spiece and Takeover, two of the best teams in the league and lost, so we're feeling our way still.

Your team seems asks you to do a lot of things on the court, have you always played a versatile style of game?

It really started coming to be when I was younger, I was bigger than most of the guys on the court, so I played the 4 and 5 a lot. Now I realized I'm going to be a perimeter guy, I'm just taking what the defense gives me and trying to be a good teammate. Whatever my team needs, whether it be handling the ball or taking it out of bounds or diving on the floor for a loose ball, get a rebound, whatever the team needs me to do, that's what I'm going to do.

I've been trying to work hard on my ball-handling and become a more versatile player. I found myself guarding the big guy, BeeJay Anya for a little while and Wainright and a couple plays later I was guarding their point guard, so I just want to show the college coaches that I can be a versatile player for them.

It sounds like you understand that coaches crave versatility, Justise, is there a particular role that if a college coach says this is how we want you to play in our program would be regarded by you as a good fit?

I'm not really sure what I'm going to end up being since I still got two more years of high school to go. Right now I'm just trying to figure out what's a good fit for me as a player. Whatever college I can excel at, that's going to be a big factor in my choice.

Which schools are coming at you the hardest?

Probably Arizona I'd say. I'm hearing from them at least once a week through different ways and they've been at all my games and Duke's coming on too.

How much conversation has Rasheed Sulaimon had with you about Duke since he's a fellow Houston Hoops player?

I don't think he knows that Duke has contacted me, but he always jokes around and is like, Be a Blue Devil with me, come to Duke. But me and Rasheed, we work out together, we tweet each other, we're good friends. He has encouraged me some and I'm sure he'll be telling me more now that I'm starting to be recruited by Duke.

Twitter has really seemed to take off when it comes to high school basketball players, can you share what got you into participating in that social media venue?

Really it just started with a bunch of people at my school were doing it and then other friends who played. So, Ish Wainright, I can become friends with him on twitter and we can keep up by tweeting each other. It's cool, it's public, but you gotta be careful with it too because you don't want college coaches or teachers see you saying things, you don't want to look back in life and regret things you said.

You sound like you are approaching this recruiting process in a cautious and measured manner…

I am. I get comfortable with the coaches but I don't tell the coaches that I have like a favorite or anything. I just listen to what they say, I just try to build a relationship with the coaches because when you go to college, you become like a family.

UNC's a school that's been mentioned with you previously, can you shed some light on how the recruiting process is going with them?

It just started off by them calling me during the school year and telling me they were interested in me, then next thing I know, they were at my school watching me play and then they came down to see me play against Justin Jackson, my teammate with Houston Hoops. We lost that game but I had 38 points and 12 rebounds and they've been at most of my games so far here.

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