Ohio OL grabs a Duke offer

Ohio offensive lineman Alex Gall picked up an offer from Coach Latina this week.

For Cincinnati (Ohio) Moeller offensive lineman Alex Gall each new day brings a school showing interest and a few offers. "I've got thirteen offers right now," said Gall. "Duke offered me yesterday and a couple of other schools have been in. So I've got to make a few calls tonight."

The Blue Devils are a program Gall knows he's got to check out.

"I've been talking with them for awhile and they've been sending me a lot of stuff," said Gall. "I don't know much about Duke football at this time other than their offensive line coach (John Latina) just got there.

"I know they play in the ACC and know if football doesn't work out I would leave with a great education because a Duke degree is awesome. I know not everybody has a chance to play professional football, so there are a lot of things I need to look at besides if it's a good football school. If I come out of a school without a degree that means anything, what am I going to do?"

Besides Duke, Gall is hearing and has interest in several others.

"Purdue came in today and Ohio called me last night," said Gall. "I've got to call both of them tonight. I also need to talk with Miami as I've been in contact with them. I just need to get in touch with them and set up a visit down there. I also need to contact Florida State and set up a visit there too."

A visit to the sunshine state may be the next step prior to Gall making a decision.

"Right now I'm not looking to trim anybody out and just give everybody an opportunity," said Gall. "I think I'm going to hit both Miami and Florida State in late May or early June as I want to visit both of them on the same trip.

"I want to make my decision and be done with it before July. It's not that I want it to be done, but I would like to not have the stress of worrying about visiting and checking out places during my senior season. I just want to focus on my team instead of worrying about my individual self."

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