Coach's Corner: Anthony Nash

Duke WR coach Matt Lubick talks about the incoming freshman wideout and just what Duke's expecting from a guy who set a summer camp record in Durham.

Name: Anthony Nash
Position: Wide Receiver
Ht/Wt: 6-foot-5, 210 pounds
Projected 2012 Status: Possibly in rotation

Early Evaluation: "With Anthony, he's a guy who has unbelievable measureables and, on paper, he looks like an immediate impact player. We worked hard to learn about him and found out he's only been playing football for a few years. After out initial evaluation and tape review, we saw a guy we thought could be very special and we pushed to have him come to camp." - Matt Lubick

"When he got to camp, Anthony was everything we expected and more. He ran a legitimate 4.3 in the forty, which was the fastest time we'd had in two years. And it wasn't just the fact that there's this nearly 6-foot-6 guy running such a fast time that got us hooked, Anthony is a great athlete and he showed it in every drill we put him through." - Matt Lubick

"At camp he was bigger and faster than a lot of guys, but he also was one of the hardest workers there. He was working hard to learn from the coaches - focusing on little things in the various techniques that a guy who is just picking up the game wouldn't know immediately. After the technical workouts we put the guys in one on one situations, and nobody on the field could stay with him or cover him. He was a great competitor, and that sealed the deal in our minds." - Matt Lubick

The Expectations: "Just like with Max McCaffrey, we expect Anthony to come in and immediately compete for a spot in the receiver rotation. We're not overly deep or big currently, and guys with their skillets and measureables will immediately factor in provided they pick up on the little things as quickly as we expect them to." - Matt Lubick

The Transition's Biggest Challenge: "The first thing is that guys Anthony will be playing are very fast and a lot stronger than the night in and night out competition he's seen in high school. The game is a lot more physical and the players are a lot more savvy in terms of using their size, experience, and strength. Anthony has all the tools to compete right away, but he's new to the game and will have to learn and apply every time he's on the practice field. " - Matt Lubick

Recruiting Recap: Nash picked Duke shortly after making the trip to the above mentioned camp. Duke was among the first BCS schools to extend and offer and Nash eventually returned that loyalty with a pledge.

"I was sitting down today and talking to my mom and coach about college," said Nash. "I was pretty much down to Duke, Purdue, and North Carolina. I had visited UNC last weekend. It went well, but I didn't have the same feeling I had with Duke so that pretty much did it."

Both the Blue Devils and Boilermakers had offered a scholarship, and the Tar Heels were apparently going to follow suit.

"They told me they wanted to wait a little bit because they just found out about me. This is actually going to be my second year playing football so teams are just learning about me, but I just had a better feeling when it came to Duke."

Nash was rated as a three star prospect by the national recruiting analysts. He runs the 100-meter dash in 10.9 seconds.

Last season Nash hauled in 62 receptions for 1,300 yards and 16 touchdowns

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