Florida WR Talks Duke Visit

This defensive back prospect was on campus in Durham last weekend as part of the first Blue Devil summer camp of the year. So what did Tallahassee (Fla.) Lincoln standout Miles Gaines think of the experience? Read on to find out.

"I really enjoyed the [Duke] camp," said Myles Gaines. "I visited last season when Duke played against Virginia Tech, but this was a good chance to visit and really see the campus and was very impressed."

Gaines, a 5-foot-11, 175 pound WR/DB prospect out of Tallahassee has a number of schools pursuing him at this point in the recruiting process. He's also picked up a pair of early offers.

"Right now I have high interest from Stanford, Northwestern, Vanderbilt, Yale, Princeton, Oregon, Harvard, and Duke. I also have offers from Appalachian State and Furman."

A common theme in that list is a high level of academic prestige, but that's easy to understand when you look at Gaines' high school resume. He has a 4.1 grade point average, and has already achieved qualifying scores on the ACT.

That alone would be enough to get him into a top flight school, but Gaines also has the added status of an elite high school athlete. So, over the next few weeks, he'll be making quite a national camp tour in hopes of finding more offers.

"I'll be camping at the US Army Combine in San Antonio, the Semper-Fi/US Marine Combine (Phoenix), FBU's Top Gun All-American Camp, MVP at National Underclassmen, the MVP Oregon Camp, the Nike Top 100, and Rivals Top 150 event."

With such a busy schedule, a decision isn't expected soon, though Gaines has a plan for how he wants to move forward with the process.

"Right now I, along with my parents, am evaluating where the best fits for me might be. We have determined which program I can help win games and championships. Most importantly, which university will help prepare me for the next forty (40) years."

"My high school coach has indicated that more offers should be coming before the summer ends. Once that happens, my parents and I will decide which university is the 'best fit.'"

As for the Blue Devils' interest in Gaines, it appears as though he's high on the recruiting board though no offer has been made as of yet. Still the Duke coaching staff made a solid impression last week.

"I'm very impressed with where the program is going. Duke should soon be competing for an ACC Championship and more. Also, Duke offers the "best of both worlds"—a world class education and an opportunity to play football at the highest level in one of the best conferences in the US."

"At the camp I primarily interacted with Coach Lubick, the wide receivers coach. Also I spent some time with Coach Jim Collins when I came up for the Virginia Tech game. Coach Collins coached at Flordia when my offensive coordinator and wide receiver coach, Jacquez Green played for the Gators."

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