One on one with Allerick Freeman

Charlotte prospect Allerick Freeman was one of the first wing guards offered in the class of 2012. Now the 6-foot-4 four star prospect will be heading off to Nevada and Findlay Prep for his senior year. Where does that leave his relationship with Duke? Freeman discussed that and more on Thursday at the NBAPA Top 100 Camp.

TDD: How has the experience at NBA Camp been so far, Allerick?

Allerick Freeman: It's really great. This is my second year, and it's a real blessing to be back here.

What are your impressions of being able to chat with and learn from John Lucas?

It's always great to be able to learn from somebody who is experienced in life. Especially with going through real struggles like he did. I've been blessed to be here and learn from him.

This being your second time here, is there new information for you?

Well, the first year it was exciting because it was a new camp, and I didn't know much about it. Plus I was playing against a lot of older guys. This time it's cool because now I'm playing against my class which is great because I like competing against guys in my class.

Who have you been looking forward to matching up against?

I've been looking forward to playing a lot of guys. Definitely all the guards in my class- the Harrison  twins and Jabari for starters. We just got done playing against him, and I just want to get after it with all the guards in my class. I want to destroy guys.

How'd you feel about the matchup against Jabari?

He's regarded as the best player in the country, but when he's on the court, he's just another player and I tried to play aggressive against him just like I do with everybody else.

You've had a recent school change to Findlay Prep. What led you to make the move?

Basically it's a great school. It's got a college prep type program. That's the big reason I wanted to be able to come in as a freshman to whatever school I go to and be ready to make an impact. It'll help because I'll be able to come in prepared having already played a national, 40-plus game schedule. I'll have experience on how to defend other talented players, and I' ll be ready to contribute right when I get there.

It's a big life change to make that move isn't it?

Yeah it's definitely going to be a big change and any human being is going to miss their family and their friends. At the same time it's only nine months that I'm gone, and my family knows its a good thing for me.

How does your family handle the recruiting process?

Well with my uncle, he played in the NFL, so he understands what it takes to get to the highest level. With my family-we all want me to make it to the highest level so we base our decisions on that.

How does the move west to Findlay Prep impact your decision regarding West Coast programs?

I don't really look at it that way. This decision has no bearing on where I'm deciding to go to college. This is just me deciding to go to a different high school. I wanted a change in high schools and Findlay Prep happened to be on the West Coast. It wasn't that I wanted to go to school on the West Coast, it's just how it happened. Where I end up in college won't have anything to do with [this move].

Have the coaches recruiting you said much about the move?

They haven't really said much about it, really. I'm just continuing to build a relationship with them all.

 What do you think about the new phone rules starting tomorrow?

I think it's really great because a lot of times you try to build a relationship with the coaches, but it is really hard because you might have only one phone call with them. I think unlimited is great because there is more contact possibilities with the coaches.

How proactive do you think you will be with the new phone call rules?

I think I'll be pretty active. If you talk to a coach on a limited basis, he's trying to cram everything into that one talk and he may forget something or it may be hard for the player to take in all that's being said in that one conversation. Now we can talk a lot more and I'll be able to get to know the coaches on a better level.

Are there coaches that you already have a good relationship with?

Oh yeah, for sure. I have a good relationship with the entire Villanova staff, Coach Collins at Duke, Coach Dixon, Coach Matta, Coach McCray, and Coach Howland.

Do you have any visits lined up?

I have some in mind. I know for sure that I want to take all my visits, but I don't know which ones I'll got to either first or last.

Have programs asked to be first or last in terms of visit schedules?

Nobody has done that yet.

How are you approaching the visits?

I think every high school player wants to have fun and to be business-like at the same time. You want to see what it's like being a student, and what it'll be like as a player because you are spending the next four years there. Also you want to see what the relationship with the coaches will be like as well. How the players are. What practices are like, and how the coaches interact with the players and with you personally. I really just want to get a real picture of what these schools would be like for me, and what the coaches will be like since they will be like a father for four years.

How has the recruiting process been progressing with Duke?

It's been going very well.

What kind of approach is Duke utilizing with you since Coach K has the Team USA responsibilities?

They told me a long time ago that they were going to be really involved with that, so we talk as much as we can because of the Olympics coming up this summer. And they are traveling a whole lot, so we try to talk as much as we can with that.

Is that something the impacts your interest?

It doesn't bother me much at all. I view it as an honor that they have the opportunity to coach Team USA. If I had the opportunity to participate in the Olympics, it'd be an honor to be a part of something like that. They had this pre-arranged business to take care of and they are doing it while still getting to know me better. I'm enjoying the chance to get to know them better while they are doing something like that.

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