NBAPA: One on one With Wayne Selden

One of the bigger summer developments has been the reclassification of five star scoring guard Wayne Selden. At the NBAPA Top 100 Camp the 6-foot-4 prospect spoke with TDD about that and more.

What's it like getting to play in the backcourt with a guy like Emmanuel Mudiay

Wayne Selden: It's definitely good. It's not our first time playing together though. We actually played at LeBron camp last year so we are definitely used to each other. He's a guard that likes to push it up the court, and I like to get out and run.

What kind of benefits do you find a camp like this offers.

I like it because you can develop your basketball skills here, but also your life skills and stuff that is going to help you develop as a man.

I heard that Chris Herren got to talk with you guys. What was that like for you?

Yeah Chris, that's actually my guy from up where I'm at. We've worked out together so I've always heard his story a lot but it's always good to be reminded.

The big news with you recently, Wayne, was your re-classification from 2014 to 2013 class. What led to that?

Well I'm actually still trying to figure everything out with that. My plan is to have everything done and planned out by August as far as the next steps go. It was mostly just me deciding that I'm ready to take it to the next level. I actually used to be in the class of 2013 and then I re-classified when I was younger so I decided to make the move back to my original class.

Your situation sounds similar to Rodney Purvis a year ago. Did you reach out for advice?

Rodney's my guy, but this was more a family decision and I didn't really ask him about this. I just felt like my body was physically ready & my grades were good too-my understanding is that all I had left was an English class and an Art class.

How have the college coaches responded to the move?

I'm actually not sure. I just started getting a lot of calls last night and my phone is dead so I don't know how everybody feels. It's all going to work out.

Speaking of calls, did anybody blow you up last night on text or with calls?

At midnight I got a call from Frank Haith at Missouri. Also, I got a text message from Ohio Stat, and I got a call from Florida. Then my phone died.

Is Missouri a new entrant to your recruitment?

Oh no-they had offered me before and one of my good friends goes there, Alex Oriakhi, just got there. He's from Tilton and BABC-there's lots of guys there that I know.

Kentucky is a school mentioned a lot with you, Wayne. Is it Coach Cal having most of the contact with you?

I'm not sure on that to be honest. I had received an offer from Coach Cal last Spring, but I have not had a lot of contact with them recently.

Duke is a school we've heard there was some recent contact with. Can you share about the level of interest from them?

Yeah they had seen me play in the gym awhile ago mainly because Nerlens Noel was also on my team at Tilton, and then I talked with an assistant coach. There wasn't an offer on the table, so I don't know where things stand there. There hasn't been any more contact since the Spring.

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