One on one with Marcus Lee

Duke needs a big man in 2013. That much is well known. So when the Blue Devils offered a little known center from California in the early Spring period, many were anxious to learn about Marcus Lee. Since that time Lee's stock has shot up and Duke has continued to push forward in the process. At the Nike Global Challenge event in Washington, Lee spoke with TDD about that and more.

Some of the teams watching you seemed to make statements by having the head coach and an assistant or two here. Who is standing out to you in your recruitment wise outside of this ?

Marcus Lee: I know i've seen a couple of coaches at pretty much all my games during Nike EYBL. The Washington head coach, he's been there every time, the Cal coach is always there because he's a good friend of mine and there have been a couple of others as well that I can't remember.

Do you have more contact now with coaches with the new phone rules or is it still mostly your brother handling that for you?

It's still mostly him doing it but he's keeping a steady call list for me just so I don't forget somebody to stay in contact with them just because there's so many schools.

Can you elaborate on the call sheet system, what goes into that?

My brother will send me a three school list on my calendar on my phone every morning that day before I head off to school that will be three schools for me to contact that day at some point.

What gets a school onto the call sheet in your estimation? It sounds like it's different schools on the list each day, is that correct?

Yeah, it's totally random when it comes to the day, just depends.

Are there any schools that are showing up consistently on the list most days for you to contact ?

I call everybody at least once a week, just try to stay as regular as possible so i can try and see if i can fit in there.

At the NBA Top 100 Camp back in June, you indicated that Duke and North Carolina are two schools that you would seriously consider for a visit, is that still the case? And, if so, are there are any plans currently being made to do those visits?

There's no plans to yet but I still definitely want to go see those two places. They are two great systems to go check out and even if I don't go there, it's still a great learning experience to see them.

Can you describe what the communication has been like with Duke and UNC? Who are you talking to with those staffs and what's the communication been like?

With Duke, I just talked with them very recently and it's been a lot about the USA Games and the team and how that's working out. I thought that was really cool in talking with Coach K, then I'll talk with assistant about practices and how that goes and what they worked on that day. I just try to figure out from that what their work process is.

Is it a big deal to you to get to talk with Coach K about the Olympic team or not really?

Its really crazy, you know? Like before I called and talked to him I asked him, will I be seeing you at these games I'm in and he was like, "No, I'm not able to because I'm still coaching the USA team." When he said that I just froze and i was like, "You just got even more cool." Even before I talked to him for the first time, I saw he had called me and I was terrified because I was like, "This is Coach K, I don't know what to do, and I missed the call. But then I called him right back and it was real cool to talk."

Does he still have the "crazy energy" on the phone that you had described hearing back at NBA Top 100 Camp?

Oh yeah, haha. I have to keep up with him even like when I'm texting, I have to use my phone's technology just to be able to make my points when I'm talking with him.

How about with North Carolina, Marcus? How much interaction do you have with Coach Williams and his staff?

It's not as much. I just talk with them to learn more about them, it's not as much as with Duke. Duke is always just so….into it, staying in contact with me.

Duke has an offer in with you as well as with other bigs in your class. Have they indicated to you that it's a first come, first serve type of situation when it comes to their offers, or is it a different approach ?

I honestly couldn't tell you, I really don't know about that.

One of things we've heard in the media is that with West Coast players that are really good, a good amount of them tend to stay on the West Coast when deciding on college, is it a similar situation with you, Marcus?

I think it's kind of different for me in this case because during the summer I'm not really home much. Like every summer I go to Texas for three or four months and I stay with my friends. Not this year because with Nike I'm doing a whole bunch of different things, but I'm not really sure about the West Coast thing.

In your mind, Marcus, are there schools that you already know that you will plan to take a visit to officially?

I'm definitely not sure about any of that. Probably once all this Nike stuff is done I'll be able to sit down and think about it.

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