One on one with Andrew Wiggins

He's considered one of, if not the best player in high school basketball regardless of class. That talent and potential was on full display this past weekend in Washington, D.C. Coaches and analysts alike are wondering "what's new with Andrew Wiggins". TDD spoke with the phenom to get the latest.

Before we talk about recruiting stuff, Andrew, can you share what it's like from your perspective of being regarded as one of the next sure fire NBA Prospects?

Andrew Wiggins: It's truly an honor, but I try not to think much about it so that it doesn't get to my head. I just gotta keep playing hard, and do the things i'm capable of doing. At the same time I have to stay humble because basketball could be taken away anytime.

What keeps you motivated to keep playing hard when you are clearly regarded as one of the best players on the court in most, if not all, of the games you are playing in?

I stay motivated by playing each game like it's the last game I'll ever play, i just give it my all.

Everybody knows of Andrew Wiggins the basketball player, but not many know about you off the court. What are your interests away from hoops?

I like to hang out with my family and friends. To stay home, watch TV, play video games, and go to the mall. Really, just regular stuff.

Favorite shows?

I really like Family Guy, Criminal Minds, and Boondocks on Cartoon Network.

Switching to recruiting, your recruitment from the start has always been reported as having Kentucky and Florida State as the prominent schools you are considering. What got that them status in your mind?

They've recruited me the hardest and have shown me the most love.

Can you elaborate on what they are talking with you about since they are showing you the most love?

It's not really so much about what they are talking about, it's just they've made the most effort out of everybody to talk with me and show their love.

How would you characterize your relationship then with Coach Calipari and Coach Hamilton?

We're good. I feel like I've got a good relationship with both.

How much does it play into your decision that your family consists of a pair of Florida State alumni?

Not much really. I mean it's not something I'm thinking too much about, Just because my parents graduated from there doesn't mean it's a good basketball fit for me. The important thing is looking at what's a good fit for me basketball wise with the team, the facilities, the fans, what's going to work out for me.

So, what's a good fit for you Andrew? How would you describe that ?

I think it's a good facility, good coaching staff, good fans, good skill development from the coach, and people that i would like to surround myself with.

You recently stated that Duke, UNC and Syracuse were included on your list because they are also recruiting you the hardest. Can you share on what they have said that have earned them that spot on your list along with Kentucky and Florida State ?

That's really just a list of schools that are showing me the most love. There's other schools that I'm considering, but that's just a list I said in an interview of schools that are showing me the most love.

Can you describe what Coach K has talked with you about? What have you learned about him and Duke?

He talks with my coach and my parents. He hasn't talked with me yet.

Is that a conversation you want to have in the future?

Yeah, I do want that.

What do you hope to learn from him if you do talk?

Just the mental part of the game. How to deal with stuff, and to just start to build a relationship with them.

Moving forward, are you doing any visits anytime soon?

I don't know yet, haven't thought about it at this point.

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