One on one with Damian Jones

One of the most recent additions to the class of 2013's recruiting board is Louisiana big man Damian Jones. The four star power forward prospect plays his AAU ball with the Texas Titans and has steadily risen in the rankings this summer. This week he sat down with TDD to talk recruiting, Duke's new interest, and more.

TDD: Getting to know you off the court, Damian, what are your interests off the court?

Damian Jones: I like doing different stuff, going to the mall, playing video games, stuff like that.

I heard about the internship opportunity you had with Exxon, how did that come about?

It was a program done through my school, which has a top engineering program and there was a group of us from that school who got the chance to do the internship with Exxon.

Have you always enjoyed engineering?

Yes sir, I plan on majoring in it in college.

What do you like about it?

I really like math and science a lot in school. That love is why I like studying engineering.

\What kind of stuff did you get to do while doing the internship?

They showed me around, showed me a lot of what they do in the area I was in. The lead engineer was showing how they make drawings for construction of the plant they are building.

What drew you to the school you are attending? It sounds very demanding if they are getting internships setup like with Exxon.

They were the only school I looked at that had a top engineering program, that's why I chose to go there.

Are there colleges that you like that you already know about their engineering programs?

Vanderbilit, Stanford, Duke and some other ACC schools said they had engineering schools.

What started the process for you of checking out schools?

We were looking at schools to see what kind of basketball they play and what the academics are like.

You play a defensive oriented game, have you always been a post player?

Yes sir, I've always been bigger than most everybody. I started playing basketball in middle school.

Did you like to watch other teams?

I liked to watch and play. I really liked the Lakers. I like all three of their big guys, Pau, Bynum, Artest.

How do you want to be known as a player in college? As more of a defensive guy who handles rebounding and blocking shots, or do you want to be a primary post?

Right now I'd have to say a little bit of both.

What do you like about Vanderbilt, Duke and Stanford?

Each of them is a good combination of basketball and academics.

Have you gone through the pre admission process with Stanford?

I don't think I have, not yet. I've talked with Coach Dawkins a few times. He's a good guy. They run out a four out and one in, and he was talking with me about all the major people that have come through Stanford.

Is the four out and one in style how you want to play in college?

At this point it really doesn't matter to me. I can adapt.

What are your impressions of the Duke program?

With Duke, they are really great. I like them.

What have you noticed about what they do with their bigs?

Duke lets their bigs run the floor. Their bigs score, and they really use them in the offense.

Who have you talked with from Duke?

Coach Nate James has talked with me, and he was telling me about the stuff they have done with Marshall Plumlee. He was telling me about how Marshall puts up 500 hook shots a day. I've talked with Coach James a couple of times. He's a good guy. He told me he was going to be at my games this summer.

Any communication with Coach K?

I haven't spoken with Coach K. I haven't heard if he's going to be calling me.

Who have you spoken with from Vanderbilt?

I've talked with Coach Stallings and assistants

Who has given you firm offers out of the schools you've mentioned?

Vanderbilt and Stanford have so far. I don't think Duke has offered me right now.

If Duke offers--how does that affect things with you?

If they offered, they would certainly be under consideration.

Any other schools been calling?

Florida has called a few times. It's just assistant coaches right now.

What are your thoughts on Florida?

They are a good program, and I like them.

Who is helping you with this process?

My parents are the primary people helping me. They are mainly telling me to make sure to focus on the academics at each school.

Does that mean your decision will be based a little bit more on the academics than basketball

A little bit of both. Right now, I think Vanderbilit and Stanford might be a good situation for me.

Are you looking at depth charts at schools to see what kind of bigs they have?

Yes sir, I don't want to go to a school where there's a lot of bigs there already.

If a Duke offer comes--how does that play into your recruitment?

Honestly, it's a game changer. Right now I'm just taking my time with things though.

Have you lined up and visits at this point?

I'm taking visits in the Fall, but I'm not sure yet where I'm going.

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