Tyus Jones Update

The top 2014 backcourt prospect on the Duke recruiting board has long been identified as the nation's top point guard, Tyus Jones. Recently the Minnesota standout chatted up TDD to provide an update on his recruitment and where the process is heading.

TDD: You recently received an offer from North Carolina, correct?

Tyus Jones: I did, and it was good. UNC is a great program and they have a great history. They've been among the top teams in the nation for many years now, and it's a good feeling to have an offer from them.

Do you keep up with other offers schools are putting out?

Obviously, it's something any player is going to look at. With North Carolina, Coach Williams has addressed their other offers and said they still wanted to recruit me because they have a high level of interest. I felt good about his approach on that. I had talked with the assistants before him and they had talked about it with me.

Similarly, how much do you look at current and projected rosters? Do you want to go in and be the man or do you like the idea of playing with another talented point guard?

I think it's something you have to look at, and there are a lot of options out there with both situations.

Have you started to narrow down your list, or thought about that process now that your junior season is approaching?

I haven't really started to narrow it down yet, but I'm thinking of some visits. I'm just not really sure on all of that yet though.

Have you thought about utilizing the new rule that would let you take officials before your senior season?

I'm not sure at this point.

Last time we chatted you mentioned Duke. Did you hear much from Coach K during his time with Team USA?

Oh yeah, several times. He called and would text with me. He was mainly just checking in and seeing how things were going with me.

The buzz has been that you may be Duke's 'guy' in 2014 at the point guard position. Has that been part of their pitch?

It definitely has. Coach K said they are focused on me. At the same time, I don't think any college is going to tell any recruit they are talking to that they aren't a priority, or that they are less of a priority than someone else, you know?

Does the fact that they seemed to have passed on a point guard in 2013 register in your evaluation of them?

That definitely feels good for me. To know they are all in on you as a player. I take that as a great honor as well. I know they want me to come in and play for them. If they did offer a point guard in 2013, it's not a big deal though. A lot of colleges have offered multiple point guards and that's just part of business. It's nothing worth getting mad about.

Switching gears, for a minute, are you and Jahlil Okafor still holding to the idea of playing together in college?

We definitely are. Absolutely.

In an interview with Justise Winslow and then, again, with Theo Pinson, both have mentioned the idea of teaming up with you two to make an incoming "Big Three" at a school in 2014. Have you guys all chatted about that?

Yes. It would be very nice to have another big time recruit come into to play with us at the next level.

Adding those additional considerations into your process, how do you guys determine a best fit for each of you as a group and individually?

There's a lot that goes into a decision. It's not just immediate playing time. I know the academics and schooling will be a big factor, personally.

Can you elaborate? Are you interested in specific degrees or are you talking about the support staff from athletes, etc?

I'm not really sure what degree I'm looking at yet, but aside from the schooling I think the coaching style, the players who are there…those are some of the things we're all consider.

Which style of play appeals to you?

I really like the point guard having freedom and the team being able to run. I'm not big into a slow down style

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