One on one with Diamond Stone

Considered one of the top five players in the class of 2015, Milwaukee (Wisc.) Dominican standout Diamond Stone already has any number of suitors already pursuing him. So what's on the agenda for a sophomore, five star prospect with so many options? TDD investigates.

TDD: Are you a Wisconsin native?

Diamond Stone: No, I was originally from Ohio.

Being from the Midwest, are you a Bucks fan?

I really do love watching the NBA game, and I'm a huge Lakers fan. I really like Kobe because he plays hard on both sides of the floor and he's a great leader.

Did you watch him on Team USA?

I watched them, yes. I really watched them when they did the preliminary game against the Dominican Republic when they played Karl Towns.

Was that more of watching Team USA, or seeing your friend playing at such a high level?

He had tweeted me and told me he was on the team, but I didn't believe him. So when he played, I was so happy for him. I kinda watched the end of it instead of the whole time.

You and Karl and several other bigs are considered the best bigs in your class, is that added pressure so early on?

It's an honor and it definitely feels good, but I'm trying to be humble about the whole situation as well. It makes me feel like people respect me, but I don't let it get to my head.

Did you grow up in the game?

I probably started playing when I was four or five years old. My dad got me going with it, and he was a good player at Whitewater College. Back then they were probably Division I caliber. He was 6 ft 6, he was more a post guy. He guarded the big guys, he played big.

Is he the guy who helped you the most in developing your game?

He helped a lot, and there was also a trainer in Wisconsin named Steve Decker. Also DeShawn Curtis, he's a trainer too, and he's also my AAU coach. Steve works with me on my strength and agility, DeShawn helps me with basketball stuff like my post moves and stuff like that. I really enjoy working out, but July was a big month for me with tournaments, so I didn't get to work out like I like too.

Are there schools that you are really excited about having interest from them?

Really, at this point a lot of schools of are looking at me, and I'm just grateful to have them looking at me. It's a sense that I've arrived, you know?

Who is helping you with the recruiting process at this point?

Mostly my AAU Coach and my trainer. They are telling me about schools who are interested in me and who has offered me. Right now the schools who have offered me are Wisconsin, Michigan, and Marquette.

Do you have any interest from schools outside of the Big 10 or Big East?

I'm not sure if there are any from the ACC so far. My coaches are kinda keeping it secret to me because they don't want it to go to my head.

Have you taken any visits yet anywhere?

Mainly just for camps. I went to Wisconsin's camp. Next summer I'm going to take more. My coaches and my dad are gonna let me know what schools we're gonna go visit.

What kind of camp was the Wisconsin camp?

It was kinda like an Elite Camp in a way. There were lots of good players there with a lot of competition, we played games against each other.

How much interaction did you have with the staff?

I didn't have any contact with them, when I left we just shook hands and then I left.

Being a local guy, what are your thoughts on the Badgers' program?

They play really good basketball, and their facilities are amazing. The offense is OK -- a lot of picks to get people open and they let their bigs shoot. My style of play I like to play is a lot of posts, mid range, with an occasional three.

Is a system that values versatility in bigs something you're looking for?

I like that style. I like screening for my teammates to help them get open. I also like passing the ball. I'm a team player, I want them to be successful.

Do you want to be a featured player in college or do you prefer to blend in with other talented guys?

Honestly I want to do both. I want to be in a position to score the ball, but I also want my teammates to be able to score as well. Winning the game is the most important thing, and is a lot better than scoring.

Are there any schools that you hope to have interest from as you move forward with recruiting?

I'm just grateful for any D-1 college that wants to recruit me. It's a blessing for me for any of them to show interest. I don't have any favorites.

Aside from Karl, are there other guys from the circuit who you're close with?

I'm friends with Isaiah Briscoe, Maalik Newman, Elijah Thomas, and Mickey Mitchell.

The latest trend is you are seeing players who go to the same schools together who are good friends, is that something you see yourself doing potentially?

Hopefully if I find the right fit, that could happen. Like with Tyus Jones and Jahlil Okafor, they were roommates with Team USA, and that worked for them. For me, if I find a friend that's like that for me, it's something I might consider, but I'm not 100% for sure yet with that.

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