Cutcliffe: Stanford is a big challenge

Head coach David Cutcliffe met the media today on the ACC Coaches' teleconference

On Stanford
"We had a good start to our week this morning, and it needed to be. Stanford is as physical a team on both sides of the ball, and in the kicking game, as we will play. They cause you a lot of problems; tremendous size in both offensive and defensive fronts. The big tight ends, you saw them last year. They have a physical presence about them. They are like us, we both have a game under our belt to see what we have to work on, and things we need to address, but again, they are minimally the number 18 team in the country. That is a big challenge playing that quality of a team.

"Nunez, the quarterback, is a guy we all wanted. He has a tremendous release, and an arm. He has got all the talent you would want a guy to have, he is really athletic, and you know they have an offensive line, receivers, tight ends, and running backs. Defensively, their front causes us a lot of problems.

"Big challenge this week for Duke, but we are excited to go out there and see what we are really made of on the road."

Practice this morning
"Everybody practiced today that played in the game. We do have bumps and bruises that are first game bumps and bruises; I think it took us a little while to get past that this morning. We played about 98 snaps of defense in this last ballgame, so I have to be conscious of that, especially with our defensive front. Our offense is probably a little less beat up than our defense is."

Defense last game
"We didn't tackle well early, and it didn't surprise me. And I mentioned it afterwards, we were rolling the dice a little bit, we probably haven't had as much live work or live tackling as we would have liked to have in camp, but everyone was well aware of our numbers, we didn't have a choice."

Penalties (vs. FIU)
"A couple of penalties that extended drives on defense. I didn't like that; you cannot have penalties period, but you can't have penalties on third down. You can't extend drives."

On starting 1-0 vs. 0-1
"It would have been a much more difficult task to be energized when you are sore on the Tuesday, after the defense played 98 snaps. We had a lot of sore players even though we worked them out Sunday and ran. But unfortunately we have felt that before. From one year to the next, it is like daylight and dark. I think they understand, they are enthused, and having played Stanford a year ago, I think they understand the challenge of this game, and how good of a football team Stanford has."

Being Complacent
"If anybody gets complacent, they are going to fail in life. That is all I can tell you. I don't know anybody who is complacent. The thing I like the most about our team Saturday is that there really wasn't a lull. I have felt often in ballgames since I've been here that we have had lulls that have just critically hurt us. Even though we weren't perfect, there was never a failure to have an edge. Our team played 60 minutes of intense football, and that is hard to do."

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