Matt Jones Journal: Vol 5

Future Blue Devil SG Matt Jones updates his player journal and looks ahead to next week's in-home visit with Coach K.

What's up Duke fans!

It's been a while since I last updated my player journal, but I'm excited to finally catch everyone up on what's been happening since last time.


School has started here in Texas, and things are already picking up in a big way in the classroom. We're getting a ton of work. I've loaded up in order to prepare myself for what it's going to be like at Duke as best I can. I want to be ready for the kind of demands I'll see in the classroom next year.

Not only is the work load pretty heavy, I'm also putting a lot of pressure on myself to make sure I maintain the right grade point average, and I'm working hard to be a leader for my team. We have a lot of young guys ready for their shot this year, but it's on me to make sure I show them how to do things as a student athlete first.


It was so great to see my coach doing great things in London! It was an amazing experience to witness the person will be coaching me in a few months leading our national team to another Gold Medal.

When the coaches came home, I had a chance to speak with each of them about the experience and what they thought about it all. They mainly talked about how much fun they had coaching the best players in the world, and how close the team was. The professional guys really enjoyed each others company.


Next week I'll have a chance to sit down with Coach K and Coach Capel when we do my in-home visit. Honestly I'm excited to have a chance to talk with them. Because I've been committed for so long, there's nothing to really talk about in terms of a decision. However, I do have some questions:

I really want to talk about what it's going to be like on campus, and in practice. I want to know how to best prepare myself for that. I'm still putting thoughts into my questions, and I know I have some time before they arrive. I'm going to check back in after the visit and update things here.

One thing I do know is that my mom is going to be cooking BBQ, so everyone's going to be eating really great on that night! We're all looking forward to having Coach K and Coach Capel in our home. I've known Coach Capel ever since he was coaching at Oklahoma, so we go way back.


I can't believe my AAU career has ended. I had such a great time playing with my friends and coaches over the years, but it's time to move forward. I look back at the experience and really am happy with how it went. One of my best memories happened recently in Orlando when it really hit me that this was my last couple of days with my AAU teammates. It was really surreal, and I tried to take it all in.

I still have a lot of goals to accomplish, though. I am working hard to hopefully make the McDonald's All-American Game as well as the Jordan Brand Game while leading my team as best I can.

That's all I've got for this time, Duke Fans. I appreciate you reading my blog and am thankful for the opportunity.

Until next time.

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