Matt Jones Journal: Vol 6

Future Blue Devil recaps the in-home visit with Coach K and Coach Capel.

What's up Duke fans?

I'm back to update my player journal following my in-home visit with Coach K and Coach Capel. It was a really great experience and made me even more excited to be a Blue Devil!

We had a pretty full house last night. It was me, my family, my high school coach and his wife, and my trainer. I had thought my mom was going to make BBQ, but she switched it up on us and we had wings and pizza. It fit with the whole mood of the night which was just really relaxed and comfortable.

It's hard to know where to start when talking about a recap. Coach K was on point and on the money all night long. I had thought about a couple of questions leading into the visit, but after he spoke I really didn't have much left to say. He answered everything before I could even ask.

The one thing I did make sure to ask him was about the atmosphere of game days at Duke, and how to prepare for it. What kind of routines the players go through, and that kind of thing. We talked about how it is important to prepare each and every time we step on the court. Also, my mom asked the questions that any mom would: What kind of academic support do we have; is there someone there making sure we're doing our best in the classroom; and that kind of thing.

Another thing he did was watch some tape with us. We watched highlights of J.J. Redick and how they used him. How he came off screens and just ran guys to death. That's how they see me playing when I get there, but I know I have a lot of work to do before that. Redick got himself into great shape and really knew how to force guys to work to try to defend him. I know to come close to that I need to continue running and lifting to get better. He had such a high basketball IQ and you could see how much he must have studied the game.

One thing a lot of people say is that Coach K seems like a scary guy on the court, but when they get to know him, he's a funny guy. It's true, he is a guy who is really easy to joke around with and he was doing that with my brother last night. Everyone was really comfortable with him, which is kind of weird because when he walked through the door I kind of had a feeling of how real things have gotten. I've just got to keep working hard and getting ready to play at Duke.

Coach also talked about his time with the Olympics and how it's important for a team to really come together. He was telling me how the professional guys really loved and cared about each other. Because of that they were always working to get each others' back.

We also talked a little bit about this coming season. He was really complimentary of the guys who are there and he thinks this will be a really big year for them. We didn't really talk too much about the roster for next year, but he did tell me that minutes are there to be taken, and I need to work hard and prepare myself to do that.

The next thing we're going to do is my official visit. Originally we were thinking about going during the season, but last night we talked about getting it done later this month. I'm thinking about going in for the 27th of September. With school and seasons and our schedules, it just makes sense to get it done earlier, so that's what we're going to do. I'm just excited to be back on campus and to see everyone again. I'll be sure to update everyone after that.

Until next time.

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