Cutcliffe: This is a different Duke team

Head coach David Cutcliffe met the media today to discuss his team's Week 5 preparation

On Muscular Dystrophy:
?"Coaches across the country, in conjunction with the AFCA, will wear patches this week to represent Coach for Cure for MD. Muscular Dystrophy is the number one fatal genetic disease of young boys in the world, so it is a much bigger problem than people realize. And as football coaches and in a sport like ours, we want to create awareness in that regard, so our entire staff and coaches across the country (will wear patches). Just suggest that people notice that, and think about how they can help. I am sure it has touched people that will hear this message somewhere along the way, so I appreciate that."

"Adversity gives you an opportunity to grow or to shrink, and I have watched our staff, and our squad grow and I am very appreciative of that and the attitude that people have had. In the face of all this adversity, they have in my opinion, done extremely well. As we move forward, obviously the biggest and most important part of the season is dead ahead starting with Wake Forest on the road; an ACC road game. It is critical to compete well and play well on the road in our league if you are going to have a chance to compete in our league. So we have that test right off that bat, a team that has beaten us since we've been here so it's going to be a great challenge. I have great respect for Coach Grobe and great respect for the program that Wake Forest has and what he has accomplished there. This is an opportunity to test ourselves against an extremely well coached football team, an opportunity to go see if we can play well on the road in the ACC, there is a lot of questions that we can find answers to."

"I can't speak prior to my arrival, I can only speak to what we have had. We have had some breakdowns in the kicking game that has been the most obvious thing. Oh so close. You have to give credit to their playmakers for making plays late in the game."

"I think this (Duke) team is a different team. We have a lot of people who have played meaningful football and they know how to compete in the fourth quarter. We are very comfortable about that with our current squad."

On Wake Forest:
?"I think they have an identity. They have been able to develop an identity of taking care of the football, of playing well in big games, and being consistently competitive. I hope that identity is starting to show itself here, and hopefully the consistency of some of the things we are doing. I think our program at times has got ahead of the team if that makes sense. I am very comfortable with where our program is, how our guys go about their business in the weight room, in the off-season and on the practice field.

Conner Vernon and Mike Campanaro:
?"Connor Vernon has been terrifically consistent. Any route, any circumstance you put him in, he has a chance to be successful. Campanaro is the same. He is strong and physical like Connor, he has great speed, loves to compete, has great hands. They use him in a lot of different ways; he has 36 catches which I guess is tops in the league. He is a dangerous guy. When he catches a screen or catches a ball across the middle he is such a good runner with the ball like Connor is. They can turn something ordinary into something special."

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