Karl Towns talks recruiting

He's the top overall prospect in the class of 2015 and he's already been offered a scholarship by Mike Krzyzewski. So what's the latest with five star prospect Karl Towns? TDD sat down with him to get the latest as be contemplates some early visits.

Can you provide a general update now that school has started back?

Karl Towns: The big thing is just being back in the gym every day. I'm better able to stay in shape, and with school starting back it's more to do since I have to make sure my grades stay up. It's just making sure that i'm getting better everyday as a player, but also making sure that the books go with it and that i do well there.

I enjoyed my summer. Looking back on it, everything was amazing, but now I have to file it away and move forward with everything.

What does your course load look like?

Really good. It's a lot of stuff that I like to do or study. I've got chemistry, which has become my favorite subject for sure. So far I'm doing really well in all my classes, and I'm actually taking AP courses this year and some junior level courses as well. I look at my academic schedule as something that'll only help me out in the long run.

You've had a number of coaches show up to your workouts so far this year, right?

Yes, and it's a real blessing to be honest. It's an honor that these great coaches want to come to St. Joseph's to watch me and my team work out. It's a great experience for me because they saw me play during the summer and now I want to show them how I'm a better. I want to show them that I'm a different player from what they saw in the summer and the improvements I've made.

What kind of improvements?

You know the big thing is being with the team I was with, I've got a better IQ than before, and my low post game has been refined even more. I've been going back to my roots and I think my low post game is getting stronger and right now is better than my perimeter game. I'm trying to become an all around player and make everything really good and have every aspect of my game be at a high level.

So what kind of player are you trying to become before you head to college and beyond?

I just try to be an all around player. Someone who plays well at every position that I play. Guarding the two through four positions, I've felt like the perimeter game has been there at times and my post game has been as well. So, I'm really concentrating on having it all come together so i can be a complete player.

As you are developing in both the post and perimeter positions, do you think much about what you might be asked to do in college as a player?

I just think I'm making sure that I can play any position that I'm asked to play and also getting ready to play for whatever coach I decide to play for at the school I decide to go to.

Honestly, I just want to be so versatile that a coach can say to me, 'Karl go guard the three', or 'Karl go guard the four', or 'Karl go guard the five'. I also want to be prepared if a coach tells me, 'Karl go to the perimeter and shoot threes and guard the other team's best guard or go down into the post and be a low post impact player'. I want to be a versatile player that is prepared to make a big impact in college.

Are you going to look at what a team's depth chart will be at the three through positions as you evaluate your fit in the different programs?

Really, I'm all about winning and i'm going to go to the school that is the best fit for me with that. I'm also going to seriously look at their academics to see if it's a good fit for all my dreams. I want to help the community while going to a great educational school and hopefully prepare to fulfill my dream of becoming an NBA player.

With the workouts, is there a set time or are they varying?

For me, I always really enjoy working out in the morning…that's my favorite, but I usually have to make time at some point in the day because of how busy we are, including my coach.

How are the interactions going with the college coaches between them and your family?

It's going really well. My parents take a lot of the calls, but at the same time, the person who really handles a lot of it is my high school coach - he gets in touch with me and lets me know about the schools getting in contact with him about me and if a school wants to talk with me, they know they have to talk with my coach first.

Were there any schools that were trying to show extra interest by being at multiple workouts of yours recently?

Yeah, there were a lot of schools who did that, and it's so hard to remember them because there were so many who came for two or three workouts or more. It was great that they were coming into see my teammates and I.

Duke and Kentucky are the schools mentioned the most in media articles about you, are those two schools that have spent a lot of time investing in your recruitment already?

You know, Duke and Kentucky are two schools I've had the good fortune to visit already, and both of them show me a great deal of interest. For me it's a great blessing having Coach Calipari and Coach K take time to visit me and watch me play. The fact that I have scholarship offers from both of them now is just amazing to me, and I'm thankful.

A lot of speculation out there that Coach Calapari's program is doing well with your early recruitment. Is that accurate?

You know, Kentucky, people think that because I had a great experience with the Olympic team and that I was able to represent my country and my mother, a lot of people think that because Coach Calipari and his staff at Kentucky coached me has an impact. For me i had a great experience with that team but it doesn't bear on my recruitment at all. It just happened to be Coach Calipari coaching.

As far as people saying things, you know, people are going to say what they want to, for me, I just want to get better everyday as a player.

There was a recent report that named five visits you had set up. Can you confirm those?

Yeah that is correct, i'm going to be visiting Florida, Michigan, Michigan State, Duke and Kentucky unofficially. I'm looking forward to each visit to see if each school is up to par with the pre-med program I'm hoping to do. My father has the dates for the visits. I have no idea what days the visits are setup for.

Can you shed some light on your interest in Florida, Michigan and Michigan State?

Michigan has always been a school i've looked up to when I was younger with the Fab 5. I wanted to make sure I go visit there since they are showing so much interest in me.

With Michigan State, I went to a camp there when I was younger and now that I have a scholarship offer, I want to go back and check them out again.

Florida's a school close to my heart because I grew up a fan. You always have to have an open mind when you go visit a school so you can see actually who they are.

What about your visits to Duke and Kentucky. It's your second time to each, correct?

Yes, and going back helps me especially with Kentucky. Last time I was there, it wasn't really a visit since I was there to work and practice for the Olympic Team. It'll be my first time looking around there.

With Duke, they are one of the best schools out there. I'm really looking forward to being around when it's much more populated with students than the first time I was there. I'm really looking forward to that.

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