Cutcliffe: I'd like a sea of blue

Head coach David Cutcliffe spoke to the media today and previewed his team's upcoming game with Virginia.

On dealing with adversity
"I have been pleased with the way this team has responded to adversity; people stepping up where they need to step up, when they need to step up, and that has continued to happen and we would like to slow that trend a little bit, but we have had a lot of people back out there today."

On Virginia
"Virginia is a big, fast, talented football team. They have been that way. They recruit well; they are well coached. I am sure there is some frustration for them to this point, but I have great respect for their ability and their coaching so this is a huge challenge, and we need a bunch of Blue Devil fan help. The atmosphere at Wallace Wade certainly needs to be heavily in our favor."

On planning for two quarterbacks
"They are not going to change. They are really versatile offensively; they have a lot of skill people, the backs are really good, the tight ends are good, their receivers are good, and their offensive line is gigantic. Both quarterbacks have played well. Rocco has played well. He had a hard bump in the road, and we have all had guys throw some interceptions, so whatever way it goes it is going to be very similar, and we are going to have to play really well defensively with these guys because they have so many weapons and have a very good scheme. They present a lot of problems regardless of quarterback"

On the fundraising campaign
"I am very appreciative of not only President Brodhead, and Dr. White, but the entire Duke community, the administrative folks we have in athletics, and the people across the administration, but also our alumni, our boosters, our people that have this kind of vision for what we want to accomplish here in athletics and otherwise, and Duke has always been a leader at the forefront whether you look at the hospital. I have had the good fortune to walk through our research facilities. When I go through campus, it is pretty amazing what has been accomplished and I think it is a big statement made by the university as the qualities we move forward, and what Dukes qualities are going to be. As for football, I think it is huge. We have really fine practice facilities, and we have done great things inside the Yoh, our football facility. We have really improved it to the max."

On making big plays
"It is the product of a program. Connor Vernon has been making plays for a while now, and other people have been making plays, and young guys feel it, see it. It happens in practice, it happens in spring practice, and it becomes a product of a program hopefully, and it continues.

"It was so different on the sideline. When we had a 20-10 lead there was a lot of talk about not relaxing, and of course no one did. You never saw panic, you never heard "here we go again". You didn't feel that at all, and I think it is because we have such great leadership, and guys who have played a lot of football and a lot of snaps, and we have all gone through this with enough is enough."

On the importance of each game
"We don't know what is going to happen; it is one week at a time. That what I told everybody, there are no guarantees, but you just go play as good as we can play this Saturday that is all we want to do. We will take the results one way or another and we will move on to the next football game. It is fun to play that way. Every game is a must win. If you didn't win, it was devastating. I kind of like that feeling. I really do. If you can't take that kind of heat, you are at the wrong level of football. That's why I coach, the feeling in your gut and it's a new test, and we have another test this week -- a big one."

On fan attendance
"A sea of blue would make this guy happy. I love when our students come. When we get a good crowd of students I usually go over and see them because they are so close to our bench that I can kind of feel their presence, and I really enjoy when they come in and have a good time so hopefully they will."

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