is back

Thank you to our readers, subscribers, visitors, and everyone else for enduring the last few days here at TDD. The redesign process did not go as advertised and we are profoundly sorry for any inconvenience that may have caused.

When the new site was launched late last Thursday, we believed and were promised the software was ready. We were told that any initial bugs would be cleared up quickly. Instead the last four days revealed that the new site was not ready -- not even close. Because of that we have made the decision to return to our previous look and feel.

Beginning late Monday your browser should reload to the familiar homepage. All logins for the message boards and website will work as they did before. If there are any problems, you are encouraged to write me directly at

Fox Sports Next is continuing to work to relaunch the network with an updated look and feel. At this point there is no definitive timetable for that move, nor will there be. In the end all the new features in the world could not overcome the sheer annoyance and inconvenience our subscribers were enduring as the engineers continued to fix what should have worked in the first place.

Again, the entire team here at TDD sincerely apologize for the issues which have dogged this site over the last few days. We are extremely disappointed in the execution of this failed rollout, and with the way our customers were treated.

- John Watson

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