Meet 2014 SG Ahmed Hill

The class of 2014 Duke recruiting board has several well-established prospects, but there are new players finding their way into consideration as the Blue Devils' needs evolve. One of the more recent additions is Georgia scoring guard Ahmed Hill, who has fielded interest and recent calls from the Duke coaching staff. TDD spoke with the top-30 prospect about that and more.

TDD: Are you a Georgia native?

Ahmed Hill: Yes, I've been in Georgia my entire life. I lived in the same town until ninth grade, and then we moved here to Augusta.

Tell us a bit about your background…

I come from a kinda big family. I don't have any sisters, but do have four older brothers. I'm the baby of the family.

Did any of your older brothers play basketball?

Actually, no. I''m the only one. I have one brother who is in college, and another one who is an actor and model in Atlanta, he's mainly been in some music videos and a few movies. I'm not sure where the other two are.

So when did you start with basketball?

I grew up playing the sport, and I started playing organized basketball when I was five years old. My cousins actually got me started before that. It was really just playing with them in the street. As I got older, I played with older and high school guys in the various leagues.

How do you measure out right now in terms of height and weight?

"I'm about 6-foot-5 and 190 pounds or so. I've always been bigger than most guys.

Have you always played as a guard?

Actually, no. I played the four and five when I was growing up. It wasn't until my eighth grade year that I started playing in the backcourt.

Did you grow up as a fan of certain players?

Well, my favorite NBA team is the Thunder, and I didn't really have a favorite college team. I watched a lot of games though. As far as players go, I'm a fan of both Durant and Westbrook.

Like who?

I watched Kentucky, Duke, North Carolina, Louisville, and other teams. Pretty much whomever is on TV.

For those who haven't seen you play, how would you describe your game?

I play the combo guard role with my teams. I play with the same point guard on my high school and AAU teams, so we can play off of each other really well. We'll run the pick and roll, and stuff like that. Having that kind of familiarity makes the game easier.

Who would you credit with your development in the game to this point?

My coaches. Both my AAU and high school coaches. We workout a lot. Also, my point guard.

Who is helping you with the recruiting side of things?

My coaches help me some with it, but I also help myself by googling the Top 100 players in the 2013, 2012 and 2011 and see who are the top players were at my position.

What do you gain from that individual research?

I'm mainly looking to see where they are looking to go or are going to school. That way I can look at those programs and determine if I can come in and help right away. I'm also looking to see if I know or have played against any of the guys at those schools. That kind of thing is important to me.

So which schools are recruiting you the most right now?

Currently it's Indiana. Duke has really started recruiting me hard recently as well. Also I'm hearing from Connecticut, Georgia, Georgia Tech, and Marquette. I think that's everyone.

Are there schools who have been recruiting you the longest?

Connecticut has been on me the longest, but Indiana has been there for a while as well.

Being a native Georgian, I assume you're very familiar with Georgia and Georgia Tech.

I am, and I think they are good programs. If I went to either place, they would be really close to home, which would be easy for my friends and family to see me play.

Is location a big factor as you look around?

No, not really. I feel like I can play anywhere, so it's really not that big of a deal.

What are your impressions of Indiana?

I really like them, and their guards have a ton of freedom. I think I fit their style of play very well because I feel like I'm a screen shooter, but I can also get to the rim, which is what they try to have their guards do. A lot of people are telling me that I could be really good there since they are the number one team.

How much does that factor in?

I really just tune that kind of thing out, because at the end of the day I have to do what's best for me and make my own decision.

So what is a good situation for you?

The biggest thing for me is to make my family proud, and to make my mom happy. As far as the team goes, I just want to find a place I can help a team win.

It sounds like your mom has a big role in your decision making process.

Yeah, she does. But she doesn't do a whole lot with the recruiting part of it. She just wants me to go to college and to be happy when I'm there. She talks a lot about academics and getting a good degree. The thing is though, I haven't thought about what kind of degree or program I want to major in yet.

You mentioned that Duke recently started to get involved with you. Can you elaborate on that?

One of their assistant coaches began calling recently. I've got them saved in my messages. They've also been calling my coaches a lot. A few weeks ago they reached out to my AAU coach as well. They mainly wanted to know about me as a player on the court and about my game. They also have been asking about me as a person off the court.

What have your coaches told you about the conversations?

Well, my AAU coach really likes them a lot. He said that they were trying to set up a time to talk with me so that we can cover a lot of ground and topics.

I read that you have a connection to William Avery as well.

Yeah, he knows my AAU coach really well, and he's seen me play several times. He thinks I'm a good player and he told my coach as much. He hasn't really talked too much about Duke yet.

With the early interest from Duke, what are your early impressions of them in your recruitment?

They are a really good school that will definitely be very high on my list. I like that they always produce really good guards and their guards are known as really good shooters. I feel like I fit into their system really, really well. I watch them and Indiana on TV, and I really like how they play…they always compete and play hard.

Would you say the list of schools you mentioned earlier is your list, or are you still open?

I'm really open, and it's just a matter of other schools wanting to come in. I am probably not going to look to make a decision until the summer.

What are your summer AAU plans?

I'll be playing with the Southern Stampede, and we'll be in the Nike EYBL Circuit.

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