Grandstaff sticking with six for now

Austin Grandstaff (6'5, 180, SG) is one of the top shooting guard prospects in the class of 2015

How has the season started for you?

Austin Grandstaff: It's been going alright, we started out 2-2 and lost to a really good team with King McClure. It was a tough matchup and we learned a lot about ourselves as a team, which is good.

Is your HS team playing a national schedule this year?

Not as much this year, but I heard next year we will be playing a lot of the top teams in the country, should be cool. Our schedule this year is also a real blessing because I've had to work really hard to improve my game, I've been getting stronger.

Away from the season, it seems like you've made a number of visits recently...

Yeah, I've visited Oklahoma, Kansas, Texas A&M, Baylor, Texas, and Oklahoma State.

Did you get to play pickup while you were on those visits?

Yeah, I played pickup when I was at Texas A&M.

You've mentioned Duke previously in interviews, are they still in communication with you?

Yes, they definitely are. Coach Wojo is recruiting me, but I'm not sure yet when I'm going to be visiting.

What kind of things is Coach Wojo talking about during your conversations?

The first thing is we talk about grades, because if you are going to be a Duke player, you have to have those grades right. Then he talks with me about I can become a better player at Duke, they talk with me about how they open up different ways for their guys to score. My dad also talks a good amount with Coach Wojo.

What are your thoughts on the Duke's team play so far?

Rasheed Sulaimon has had some really great games and I've been very impressed with Mason Plumlee.

What are you evaluating as you watch them play?

The thing big thing is I can picture myself at Duke in their kind of offense, I can shoot from anywhere and am an all around player.

What are you up to height and weight wise now?

I was recently measured at 6-foot-5 and around 180 pounds. My doctors ultimately think I could grow maybe another inch to inch and a half.

B<>Do you envision yourself being more a combo guard or a true shooting guard in college?

I just want to play to be honest and how I play really depends on what the defense is doing. I can make plays in a variety of ways and I feel like I can be effective as a combo guard if the team needs that.

Talk with me about this Top Six you named a while back, what sparked the need for such an early list?

Yeah, those are just what my Top 6 are right now, they are the teams showing me the most interest.

Who would you say is showing you the strongest level of interest?

I would say Oklahoma is the strongest, but Texas is calling a lot, especially to my high school and AAU coaches and my dad.

How much do you reach out to schools on your own ?

I do as much as I can, but my dad and coaches do a lot of talking with the college coaches.

Can you shed some light on some of the reasons as to what schools have done to end up in your top school list?

A lot of it comes from watching them play. I make a concerted effort to watch teams like Alabama and Syracuse and Duke and Oklahoma and Oklahoma State and Baylor and others. With Oklahoma and Alabama, I've got friends there and I'm trying to get know more guys at different teams. I talk with the Alabama coaches around once a week and I really like talking with them. Oklahoma is really close to home which is good, all my relatives would be able to come see me play if I went there. Syracuse, Coach McNamara is recruiting me and everytime we talk, I feel like I can fit in with Syracuse, him being a former player, it's good to talk. With Oklahoma State, I get 4-5 letters a day from them and with Marcus Smart playing so well, it's good seeing him play the way he is. Texas is also really close to home and when I went there to visit, it was good to see their setup. With Duke, who wouldn't want to play for them you know ? It's a top school with a good style of play.

Has Duke's recruitment progressed beyond just talking with Coach Wojo?

Right now it's just him, he's a really good, I have a high degree of interest in Duke, we're still working on figuring out when I'm able to visit.

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