Sleeper '13 PF claims Duke interest

The conventional wisdom suggests that Duke is likely finished recruiting in the class of 2013. However, this sleeper power forward prospect says he's in regular contact with the Blue Devil coaching staff as they evaluate and decide on where to take his recruitment. So what's the full story? TDD sat down with Reggie Agbeko to find out.

Can you give us a bit of background information on yourself?

Reggie Agbeko: I actually came to this country in September of 2010. I came to Buffalo from Ghana to live with my cousin. I went to school there as a junior, and I spent two years playing in Buffalo before transferring to South Kent. My senior year in Buffalo I was 1st Team All-City and player of the year. I came to South Kent this school year.

Ghana is a country known for it's soccer, did you play growing up?

Yes, you are very correct, Ghana is a very good country for soccer. I did play soccer for a little bit, but in Ghana I wasn't good enough to make it to higher levels. I did play a little bit, but not much.

How old were you when you started playing basketball?

It wasn't that long ago, around 13-14 years old. I was interested to play because I wasn't interested in soccer. When I got into basketball, I took it serious and I started growing more when I started playing.

How tall are you now?

I'm 6-foot-8 and 240 pounds. I had a growth spurt later on, when I was around 15 or so.

What was the transition like for you coming from Ghana to upstate New York?

It was actually not that hard. When talking about school, the Ghana school system wasn't that bad. I was a pretty good student in Ghana and that continued over here. The only thing that was different was the culture shock and the weather. In Buffalo it's really cold and there's a lot of snow. I had come to Buffalo actually wanting to see snow really bad, and the first time I saw snow I was so excited. However, after a few weeks, I was like, 'I don't want to see anymore snow'.

It wasn't hard for me to adjust playing basketball here, the playing style is much faster here but in Ghana, we play a lot of street ball that's very fast.

At 6'8 and 240 pounds, how do you describe yourself as a player?

I like to think of myself as a versatile player who can do different things. I can go hard and bang down low because I'm 240, but I can also face guys up and use my skill, even at 240. My main way of playing is to use my versatility, do different things on the court, both in the paint and outside.

How did you play this year at South Kent?

Most of the time I would play in the post, but sometimes I'd pop out and use my versatility. We had a lot of wing players and guards so I tried to play more in the post to help the team but I would come out a bit too and shoot.

Do you prefer to play in the post or more outside?

I prefer to play all over, including the post. I don't want to play just a single kind of role in one area. When I play somebody I try to know their strengths and weaknesses to wear if I can play in the post and bang on you all day, then I'll do that. If I can take a player out on the perimeter, I'll do that too. I think my game is defined by doing it all really.

Academically, what are your interests?

I love business. I believe you need to manage your money and to create it too. I'd like to major in business or something like that, management or something like that.

Did your recruitment ramp up a lot at South Kent?

Yeah, it really did, it's a lot more exposure, that's the big reason why I game to South Kent, I knew I had the skill set to play at the highest level. I feel like my recruiting has risen a lot.

Part of recruiting is dealing with getting certified with the NCAA and all that-where are you at with that?

Yeah, I'm actually very cool with all of that. When I transferred from Buffalo to South Kent, my GPA was a 3.4. I was cleared by the NCAA prior to going to South Kent. Going to South Kent was to expand my game, play in a tougher league and trying to get prepared to go to a higher level of school.

Who are the new schools that have recruited you since you arrived at South Kent?

Illinois State came in first. Then I'm also hearing from Tulane, Miami, Oklahoma, LSU and Duke. The other schools there were schools that were recruiting me at Buffalo. Fordham, Saint Peter's, and Tulsa. There are several more mid-majors as well.

Now that you have high majors recruiting you, are you expanding your search?

I don't know how highly interested some are at this point. I know with Duke and Wichita State have a higher degree of interest it seems like. Their coach calls me or my cousin almost every day. My cousin is helping me a lot by taking some of the calls along with me.

Have you talked with any head coaches?

With the high majors no, but most of the mid majors, yes.

Have any of the high major assistant coaches recruiting you indicated that their head coaches will be in contact with you?

Most of them no, but some yes. Duke kind of said that recently. They had wanted me to come unofficially so I could meet the head coach, but I couldn't make it.

Which coach from Duke are you talking with the most?

It's Nate James. I've talked to him once a day almost, and he also calls my cousin frequently. They usually talk for 45 minutes or almost an hour sometimes. They started calling around two or three weeks ago. He's been saying he's trying to figure out -- we're both trying to figure out if I could come in and help them with my kind of skill set. It's pretty much how recruiting goes, and he's doing his homework to see if I'm a good fit for the team. That kind of stuff.

With that being said, what are your impressions of Duke at this point?

I do have interest, of course. They are one of the best schools in the country, but I'm also not going to jump at just any school. I would try to see what's the best fit for me.

What kind of timetable are you looking at for a decision?

I'm in that process right now, I'm trying to set up some visits to take a look at schools.

Do you have any visits lined up?

I don't have any yet, I'm trying to visit Illinois State, my cousin is helping me with this a lot, and other schools that have interest in me.

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