McNeill: "I found what I was looking for"

Trip McNeill says a visit to Durham last week made all the difference in his recruitment.

After committing to Duke on Monday night, it didn't take long for Trip McNeill to change his focus from the recruiting process to what comes next. And while the decision may have caught the recruiting world off guard, it's likely the Blue Devil coaching staff had an idea.

"I took a visit to Duke last week and had a chance to tour the campus and see the dorms," said Trip McNeill. "My dad had just gotten home, and I wanted him to see everything up there, so we planned the trip on Monday."

Once he and his father arrived on campus, McNeill said he knew that there was an end in sight for his recruitment.

"Honestly I just found what I was looking for at Duke. I talked it over with my dad, and before we left I told Coach Collins that I wanted to come to Duke."

Collins, McNeill's long time recruiting coach, apparently didn't know what to say.

"He kind of laughed and thought I was joking with him, but I assured him I knew Duke was for me. It was a combination of everything I'd seen from the school, how the football program was run, and the family environment which has so many strong relationships around it. For me, that was it. There was no reason to drag it out."

Oddly enough, McNeill had committed to Duke without tell the head coach as David Cutcliffe was away from campus. But soon after returning to Durham, the head coach's phone rang.

"Coach Collins gave me his cell phone number and told me to call him with the good news. Coach Cut answered and I told him exactly what I had told Coach Collins. He was really excited ... so much so that he opened the wrong garage door as he was trying to pull into the house."

At 6-foot-5 and 300 pounds, McNeill says he's not sure whether he'll end up as a guard or tackle at the next level, but he is sure he'll be playing at Duke, noting his commitment was "solid".

McNeill chose the Blue Devils over offers from East Carolina, North Carolina, Wake Forest, Virginia, NC State, and several others.

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