One on one with Harry Giles

He may very well be the next big thing in all of high school basketball, but 2016's Harry Giles isn't thinking about that. Instead the 6-foot-9 forward is focusing on maturing, but acknowledges he's already seeing the craziness of the recruiting process. TDD spoke with Giles about all of that and more recently.

At the Carolina Challenge, you were swarmed by the media. That's got to be intimidating at such an early stage, right?

Harry Giles: It is, but it also feels good. It's really humbling because I see everyone around and know that my hard work is starting to pay off. It also motivates me, because it is showing that all the time working is not for nothing. I feel like it's kind of a reward for all the time and work I've put in.

How are you handling the increased attention?

It motivates me to go out and play like I have something to prove. I feel that works, because I have things to prove to everyone.

The comparison thrown around here has been to a young Kevin Durant. Does that fit in your opinion?

It's cool, and I like him and his game. He plays on the perimeter a lot, and I'm close to 6-foot-11. It's cool seeing a guy that size play all over, going into the post to do some work, playing on the perimeter…that's definitely what I want to do.

Even though you're a young player, you've been active on the visit front, haven't you?

Yes, it's just me wanting to see different things, and get used to various surroundings. I went to Duke and North Carolina to see their games, and just to see their atmospheres. I'm hoping they will invite me back for other games, to see how their fans react against other teams.

Do the fan bases and their reactions to the team factor into an interest level with the schools?

Well, fans make you want to go out there and play hard. See Duke and Carolina remind me of my school a bit because we have great fans too, but not at the same level. It gets me excited on the sidelines, and makes me want to really get on the court.

Being that it's so early, have you given any thought to the criteria you're looking to use when evaluating schools?

Mainly it's just a place where I can play my own game and a place that feels comfortable, and like a home to me. Somewhere I just feel drawn to be.

What do you mean by "playing my own game"?

I'd like to be somewhere that I can play on the perimeter some, but not all the time. Maybe a big stretch four, where I can take a smaller guy into the post, or a bigger guy out to the perimeter.

Usually that entails playing alongside a guy who is more of a bruiser down low, right?

Yes, I think so. I know I can stretch the defense, penetrate and dish off to a bigger, stronger player like that. It'll get them easy buckets.

When you visited Duke and North Carolina, what about the teams caught your eye?

Just how well they both treated me. Everyone treated me so well, and they all let me know that they wanted me to come to school there. That's about it, really. [The recruiting process] is going really well with both of them.

Who did you meet with at Duke?

I talked with Coahc K a lot. I also talked with the assistant coaches and some of the players as well. The players there were really cool, and talked to me like anyone would. I got to sit down and talk with Coach K one on one, and he was really great. He treated me so well, and we had a great talk.

What did you guys discuss?

Just that he really likes me and my game, and he's going to make a point to watch me in the future. We're developing a really strong relationship, too.

Outside of Duke and North Carolina, are there other schools who have caught your eye?

Definitely. I really like Kentucky and Ohio State, and Miami too. It's so early, and I want to give everyone a fair chance.

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