Borders enjoyed the Blue-White game

One of the more intriguing members of the class of 2013 was on campus for the Spring Game in Durham on Saturday. TDD spoke with future Blue Devil Breon Borders about the game, and his upcoming schedule.

"I was there on Saturday and things looked really great from my perspective," said Statesville High standout Breon Borders. "I saw a lot of potential, and I'm ready to get to school in May."

Borders, along with several other freshmen, will enroll at Duke in the middle of next month as a true freshman. He will spend the summer in Durham before the regular practice sessions kickoff in August. On this trip to Duke, however, the focus was about being prepared.

"I had a chance to meet with my position coach, and the other coaches as well. They actually invited me onto the sideline for the entire game. I also got a chance to tour the Yoh Center and be with the team pretty much all day. It was really great to have the chance to see the action up close."

Borders, who is described by as a "long and fluid athlete who plays with good technique and a very physical nature", is projected to play cornerback at Duke. As such, the message from the Duke coaches has remained constant:

"They tell me I better be ready and I better be in shape. They actually sent me a complete workout plan a few weeks after signing day. It's about as thick as a textbook and outlines everything from how I need to eat, lift, run, and it laid out a plan of what to do on a day to day basis from then until I arrive in May. The conditioning part is really tough, and consists of several 110 yard sprints with 15 seconds and then 45 seconds of rest. I do this on back to back days, and then take the next day off."

The results of that plan, according to Borders, are already starting to show as the soon to be Blue Devil has added 12 pounds and now stands at 6-foot-1 and 175 pounds.

Aside from the on the field preparation, there's also the off the field arrangements to tackle. But, there's progress being made there as well.

"I found out I'll be rooming with Bryon Fields out of Charlotte Providence Day School, and I'm likely going to wear number 31 as well."

Borders chose Duke over an offer from Georgia State and interest from Clemson, Georgia Tech, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Wake Forest.

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