K's in-home made an impression on Okafor

Hampton, VA -- Perhaps the most highly recruited prospect at this weeks' EYBL Session is one who hasn't yet stepped on the court. Still, the nation's top big man, Jahlil Okafor is on hand to support his team and field interview questions. TDD sat down with the five star prospect to get the latest.

How is your injury coming along?

It's OK. I really wanted to be able to go tonight, especially since I couldn't play last week. My father didn't want me to play, so I'll give him a hard time on that in a bit. My ankle does hurt, but being who I am, I still wanted to play even though it's still pretty swollen. I've tried to sneak back out on the court, but my dad shot that down pretty quick. So I just have to wait it out.

What are the doctors saying?

They told me when the swelling goes down, and that it'd probably be three weeks. Right now it's been about a week and a half to two weeks. I really miss playing.

You were the team's water guy during the game, getting up as each guy came to the bench. Seems like a big role reversal.

It's really not that big a deal. I mean I'm not doing anything else, so it's the least I can do for my teammates. I told the guys I'm here to support them.

I noticed a good amount of coaches sticking around for your game even though you didn't play.

That means a lot to me. It;s just a sign of respect they have for you and I really appreciate it. I'm not sure, I think some of them thought I was playing, but that is something you notice…that that they stayed even though I wasn't playing.

You recently had a lot of in-home visits. How did those go?

All the visits were great, I had Ohio State, Kansas, Baylor, Duke and Michigan State, they all came last week, all the visits went really well.

How did you react to that many big time coaches coming in?

It was definitely crazy, especially Coach K's visit. When Coach K came in the house, pretty much all my family knew who he was. Also, just seeing how he embraced my family was really great. He just spent time,and he is such a normal, down to earth guy. He talked with us for like two and a half hours. He talked about Duke, but he also talked about life and the future and all the things he sees in me and all the great things I could do in the future.

Was your family looking forward to meeting him since they knew who Coach K was going in?

No, not as much. It was more like with my aunt, she's not too familiar with the coaches, but she was familiar with him from Team USA. So she walked in the house and she was like, "is that the Olympic Coach ?" I was like "yeah, that's him", so it was cool she recognized him.

You've mentioned that Coach K is "your guy", can you elaborate on that?

Yeah, Coach K and I…we just see eye to eye on a lot of things. He really believes in me a lot and is really high on me as a person and player. I can talk to him about anything, and not just about basketball, but things in the world. He's just a really great person to talk to. When you think about college basketball, you think about Coach K a lot, that's one of the schools that I will always say his name.

Did your family have a lot of questions for him in the in-home visit?

They didn't really have to many, and he's a great speaker. He said everything that we really needed to hear. He was at my house for over two and a half hours, and he said a bunch of stuff that was great.

Talk with me about the Jabari Parker connection to Duke--does he talk much about that with you?

We actually really never talk about that to be honest. It's more that we're really good friends, and we rarely talk about Duke. [His decision] won't affect my decision, but with him being there I'll gain insight from him about what he likes and doesn't like, so that will help more in my decision.

What were your thoughts on Mason Plumlee's play for Duke this year?

I thought he played great. I thought he was the best big man in the country this year from what I saw. I think Duke got him the ball really well and Duke got him the ball in a lot of different positions and they utilized him very well.

Have you given thought to the end of the recruiting process? Could we see a decision by end of the summer?

No, it's actually going to be before my next high school season starts up though. I'm going to take all my official visits, but I'm not sure where i want to go yet. I have Baylor scheduled to go down for their first football game on August 31st.

Having done a number of unofficial visits, what's different about the official visits?

It's definitely something to do. As a player you want to get down there officially so you can compare your experiences from the other schools. Me and Tyus, we're both going down to Baylor on August 31st, that's our first one scheduled together. That's the only one so far.

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