Winslow may not need official visits

Heading into the in-home visit portion of his recruitment, Justise Winslow was rumored to have Arizona on top. Did the meeting with Coach K and company cause any movement in this high major process? TDD spoke with the five star SF about that and more.

It sounds like there was some movement with your recruiting process after the in-homes. Can you elaborate on that?

Justise Winslow: Coming out of them, I feel like I have a much better feel for the coaching staffs and what they would expect from me, and how they would incorporate me into their system. The in-homes helped me get a feel for the coaches as people, which is important because I will be spending four years with them. The visits really did help me, and were a big thing for me.

Did you have a lot of questions going into the in-homes for any of the colleges?

I would say I definitely had a lot of questions. It was more about the things you generally would ask: Like who else are they recruiting; what position do they want me to play; and how they would help me get better and develop me. For each staff, you have different questions and they did a good job with them.

What things stood out from the presentations of the coaches?

One thing that stood out to me was each coach took a different approach in their recruiting. Some tried hard to sell their education, while some tried to sell their brand. Still others tried to sell the weather. Every staff stood out, they just talked about how they were going to try and develop me.

How would you describe your relationship with the Duke coaching staff now after the in-home visit as opposed to prior to it?

This was my second time really getting to meet with Coach K. I had an unofficial there in the spring. The unofficial was just to get a feel for Coach K as a person because you usually only see him on the court. It was important to get to know him as a person the first time. Coach Capel and I have a great relationship off the court, and he unfortunately couldn't make it here to this tournament but we are constantly texting and asking how each other is doing. He wants to know how my game is going, stuff like that. All the Duke coaches, they are great people.

Can you shed some light on what the Duke staff presented to you in the in-home visit?

They talked to me about the Duke tradition, and just they think I'm a total package as a person and a player, and how they can build on that at Duke. They also talked about the Duke brand which goes with you everywhere, they wear it proud and it helps you wherever you go.

The speculation with Arizona going into the in-homes was that they had a prominent place in your recruitment. Was that an accurate assumption?

People are going to speculate about whatever they want. My family and my friends know my recruitment the best, so I'm just going to let people think what they think. Coach Miller and I, we have a great relationship, it's a good school that's a pretty good fit.

The second part of the buzz was that Duke and others were trying to make up ground…

If any school is behind it'd be UCLA, but they are catching up very fast. With the speculation about Duke I wouldn't say they are behind, because Coach K has been very busy with Team USA and hasn't gotten a lot of chances to watch 2014 players because he was on the road so much for Team USA. The speculation about Duke being behind just isn't true.

What's the importance of taking official visits since you've had a good amount of unofficial visits already?

That's actually the thing..I don't feel like I need to take officials. If I haven't decided by then I may take some officials but i've seen every school already. The only difference between unofficials and officials is they pay for everything and you can go eat off campus, so I don't think that will play a major factor in my decision.

Jahlil Okafor mentioned last night that him and Tyus Jones have lined up an official visit to Baylor at the end of August, are you in the process of lining up any officials yet?

Yeah, Coach Drew was in my house last week and he asked me if i wanted to come down in August to Baylor. I have to make sure that they are in my final list before deciding on visit though. I definitely want to play with those guys so it's a possibility definitely that i may go down to Baylor in August for a visit.

Does that mean that you are definitely planning on trying to visit Baylor at the end of August with Tyus and Jahlil ?

Even if I go down, it could still be an unofficial because it's not really out of town for me, and I may save the official visits for out of town schools.

Are there any other schools that you know for sure you want to visit officially?

No, not yet.

How are things going with the new UCLA staff?

It's going good. They've been calling and texting me telling me about the new  UCLA system and what they could do for me. They are trying to get me to come visit them so i can meet Coach Alford, get a chance to get a feel for him as a person. We're in constant communication.

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