Tyus Jones talks about his development

The top priority in the class of 2014 for Duke remains Minnesota PG Tyus Jones. TDD spoke to the five star prospect this weekend in Hampton about his game and more.

Can you describe your thought process as you're running a team and making plays out there?

Tyus Jones: Really, it's just off of instincts, and I'm just trying to make the right play. That's pretty much how I try to play every time is be in a position to make plays for my teammates and to look out for some, so it was just me trying to make plays off my instincts.

Are those kinds of instincts natural, or can they be learned?

Some players have it naturally, but you can also build it in some cases by just being around the game. I'm a basketball junkie, I've been around it since I was born, and it just grew on me.

Who have you been learning from this past year?

I've been watching a lot of Chris Paul. He's a phenomenal passer and he carves guys up. I also like watching Ricky Rubio too since he's up in Minnesota. Pretty much whenever I watch, I watch the point guards and try to pick up things that they do and try to learn from them.

What do you evaluate as a point guard of the schools recruiting you that helps you determine how you feel about them?

Really it's style of play. It's how they use their point guard in their system. The relationship with the point guard and the coach and how they feed off each other and play in their system.

How do you handle figuring out your role coming in with the schools that will have an upperclassman point guard on the team?

Yeah, a lot of them will have that, but it's like that with every position, because they have to have a team before you get there. It really comes down to you will have to go in there and learn from them because they will have x number of college games under their belts already.

Exposure wise--how are you handling the growing attention?

You just gotta stay smart, and keep a level head. You gotta remember to be a kid, because everyone is still in HS. It's crazy how much gets blown up on twitter and social media and how if you even make one wrong comment. It'll get blown up by a lot of people. But you have to have fun with it too. I'm on guard a little bit, but you gotta be smart about it. Some media guys are real fun and laid back to talk to and some aren't, so I just have fun with it.

Talking with Jahlil last night--the subject of in-homes came up, can you elaborate on what your experience was like with the coaches who came to your home recently?

It was great. All the visits went great, and nothing was too uptight or stressful because my family and I have great relationships with the coaching staffs. It was really to see what they would talk about. A lot of them talked about how they would implement me into their system and what they could for me on and off the court. It was fun.

From a role perspective--are you automatically a two year or more player going in, or do you expect to be a one and done player?

Really you just go in trying to get better. You can't approach it either way but really, because everybody is trying to make it to the top level. Getting there is just a matter of when you go and for some. Staying four years is ok because you're playing college basketball.

Some guys would be disappointed to not be one and done though, right?

For me, I wouldn't be disappointed at all because it's a once in a lifetime opportunity to play college basketball. Not everybody is able to do that, and it's not something I'd complain about.

Justise Winslow had a twitter photo of the Duke coaches when they did their in-home visit with him and they were in suits, did they project the same image in your in-home?

They were, and we had a great visit with Duke. The whole staff came and stayed for awhile and we did a lot of talking. Coach K has a great basketball mind so we talked about that for awhile and a lot of other stuff, which was really great.

What other things did you discuss?

We talked about a lot about a lot of topics. We talked about the past year, our USA experiences, and like I said before, it was a stress free conversation. It was really good.

Duke is going to look different this year-how does that affect your evaluation of them?

Not a whole lot, they'll have a few new pieces coming in like Jabari Parker who is a great player, but you still check them out the same way.

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