Pinson talks recruitment, Duke interest

Over the last few years one of the most frequent visitors to Duke has been in-state standout small forward Theo Pinson. Duke came with an offer almost a year ago, but since that time there have been rumors that the two parties have tailed off communication. Is that so? TDD spoke with Pinson to find out.

This is your last trip through the EYBL, how does that change your mindset?

Theo Pinson: Now it's just everybody, you see it, everybody is asking questions about our game. Things like 'why is he not scoring more points'. The thing is with me, I'm different from most players because the only thing that matters to me is I come in the game and I do whatever it takes for us to win the game. Be that on the defensive end, offensive end, or whatever. We have so many good players and depth on this team so if you win, you get recognized, and that's what I try to do.

Are you going to be trying out for Team USA this summer?

I'm not sure yet, right now I'm just focusing on this tournament, this event, my parents have looked at that stuff.

Did you have any in-home visits recently?

Actually no, I didn't really know that they were going on until way too late to set any up and me and my parents didn't really talk about it, but it was fine.

How are things progressing on the recruiting front for you?

After this EYBL I'm going to talk with my parents about what schools I want to go visit either during the June period or after EYBL is over and after the summer. I'm just taking the calls, seeing what schools I'm comfortable with.

How has the communication been with Kentucky in the last month since Dave Telep's Carolina Challenge?

It's been the same pretty much, they told me they are still evaluating me, they haven't offered any wing guards except for Devin Booker, I'm just going to keep going.

What's your thoughts on coming in with another wing guard or wing forward-is that a big deal to you in your consideration?

That's just something I'm going to have to look at, see which players are coming in. At first I wasn't looking at that kind of stuff because I was just happy to have people recruiting me and that stuff, but now I need to look at that more closely.

Louisville is another school mentioned with you a lot in terms of interest--how would you characterize their level of interest in you?

It's real strong, they like the way I play, they  like my length and the way I attack the basket, they just really like my aggressiveness because they have seen me play so much.

How often do you talk with the Louisville coaches?

I talk with them at least twice a week, mostly the assistant coaches, and Coach Pitino once in a while.

What stands out to you about Louisville?

Just the way their guards play, I mean, you could see it plain as day in the national championship game, they let their guards play and they make plays all over.

Would you say that Louisville's interest in you is stronger than Kentucky's?

Yes, I would.

Duke's the school that's been mentioned with you for quite awhile now, how's their interest been the last few months?

It hasn't been as strong as it used to be. It is what it is, but I still like them because i've always liked them.

What did they discuss with you the last time you communicated with them?

It was right before Coach Capel went into his surgery, right before this past weekend, he just said they were going to be out here watching me this weekend.

Are there any schools that you know for sure you want to visit officially and how many visits are you expecting to take officially?

Probably Louisville and I'm going to see how it goes with the visits, I'm not sure if I will do all five.

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