Booker: "Things are mixed up a little"

One of the big questions surrounding Duke recruiting over the last week was how the commitment of Grayson Allen would impact the recruitment of Devin Booker. TDD spoke with the five star guard about that this week and found that there is a tangible change in the process.

What's it like for you being a "known" guy on the EYBL now that you've jumped up the rankings?

Devin Booker: Being a known guy means it's a lot different than last year. Last year I wanted to be this guy, so I played a lot harder than I feel like I did today and I got better.

It seems that you're adapting to the media attention, though right?

I enjoy it a lot actually. Last year I wasn't really a known guy, now I get a lot of attention, I like that kind of stuff.

We've heard you had some visits recently from coaches, who was that?

Yeah, three coaches came to my school, Coach Beilein came on Monday, Coach Donovan came Tuesday, then Coach Calipari came Wednesday.

What was the substance of the communication with them like?

Well, Coach Calipari is the only new coach to come in. With Coach Beilein and Donovan, they've been recruiting me, and they've already told me everything they wanted to, so they were showing interest. With Coach Calipari, he was at two of my games at the EYBL and he told me he liked my game and he told me he was offering me.

What was your reaction to his offer?

I actually liked it a lot because he came and presented it in person as opposed to over the phone, which means a lot more. Him coming down to my home gym also meant a lot to me, the place where i've put in a lot of hard work, just having a coach like Calipari come in meant a lot.

What's your thoughts on schools that are bringing in guards in the same class as you--is it a concern?

I don't feel like it's a concern because I feel like I can go earn my spot wherever I go. I don't want it to be too jammed up but I am open to going in and competing for my spot.

Media reports had indicated that Duke had an in-home visit lined up with you that was canceled-is that correct? Yeah, we had had a tornado warning down at my place, so we had to cancel the visit.

How's the communication been with Duke since then?

Me and Coach Capel text almost everyday, and me and Coach K talk on the phone once every two weeks or once every week.

How did you feel after having to cancel the in-home visit?

I was kinda disappointed because Coach K hasn't been down here yet, and that is something I would like for him to do, but I'm not going to be mad at them since it was a weather condition that came up.

How much total communication have you had with Coach K since they started recruiting you?

We text every now and then, and we talk on the phone once every week or two. Coach Capel and I text or talk on the phone pretty much everyday.

How would you characterize your relationship with Coach Capel?

Yeah, I like him a lot, and I've built a good relationship with him. It's to the point now in our relationship where we really don't talk much about basketball, it's like how's the family, that type of stuff.

What did he say reference the recent Grayson Allen commitment to Duke?

He said that Grayson Allen isn't a strict shooter like I am, and he said we can play alongside each other. And, like I said before, I can go in and earn my spot.

What's your reaction to that kind of pitch?

It mixes it up a little bit, I'm not going to knock Duke totally off yet, and I'm still going to give them a good look, but it does mix it up for me a little bit.

Can you elaborate on what you mean by it "mixes it up"?

I mean, I'm not going to knock Duke off, obviously I'm going to look into them a little bit more, but I haven't seen Grayson Allen play before, so I'm probably going to look at his game, see how he plays and then decide from there.

Has there been a change in your feelings towards Duke in light of this commitment as opposed to how you felt about them prior to it?

Yeah, a little bit I guess. With Duke, I mean I still like Duke, and I think they are a good fit for my game so I'm obviously still going to give them a good look.

As you move towards official visits in the fall--are there any schools that you know for sure you will be visiting officially?

Not right now, I'll probably have that figured out by the end of the summer.

Is trust with the coaching staff the biggest determination in deciding where you are going for your official visits or is it something different?

I'm not really sure right now, because like Michigan, I've visited them unofficially like five times already. Michigan State four times, and Missouri the same thing. I'll probably give them visits but like I said, I'm really not sure right now and other schools may jump in too moving forward.

Since you've done so many unofficials, what do you view is the big benefit to taking official visits?

I've actually never been able to go on a visit with both my mom and my dad together, so that's what the official visits will let me know.

Are there things you feel you need to see or things you need to hear going into the official visits that you haven't gotten yet during the unofficials?

I actually don't think so. I've visited all around and seen the facilities at every place.

When you do your officials, is it important to you to see a game, or is it more important to just be able to go and spend more time with the coaches?

I think it's more to go be with the coaching staff, I've been to games at every school recruiting me, so that's not as big a deal for me.

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