Coaching change impacts '15's Briscoe

Before Chris Collins left the Duke program, the former Blue Devil coach was leading the charge for Duke's recruitment of Newark (N.J.) four star scoring guard Isaiah Briscoe. With Collins gone, has Duke's recruitment of the 2015 standout changed?

How has your game changed over the last year?

Isaiah Briscoe: Well, you know I got a lot of encouragement from my coaches - both AAU and St Benedict's, and that made me elevate my game even more and guys started respecting me as a player. That's my biggest thing is earning people's respect.

You played on national TV this year with St Benedict's, what did that experience do for you and your team?

You know, it's really great. I'm sure there's lots of high school players who would love to play on TV and actually show up when you play on national TV. It was a real blessing to be able to play on national TV, especially in the national championship game.

You are also recognized for being Kyrie Irving's cousin, does that come up a lot when you talk with people?

It comes up a lot, people always wonder, the question that comes up a lot is am I ever going to be better than him as a player.

Has it helped your game at all knowing him--do you play against him or seek out advice-player to player?

It's hard, I haven't played against him in awhile, but when we were younger we would go up against each other a lot. Now that he's in the NBA, I can see myself hopefully some day playing in the NBA too.

What were your impressions of his time playing at Duke?

I still knew he would get drafted in the first round really high even before his injury because in those few games he played, he separated himself from all the guards in the NCAA. Because of that I knew he would go really high in the draft.

Does him having played at Duke impact your decision at all?

Oh no, not at all. It doesn't influence me at all. I'm going to go where it's the best fit for me, just like he chose to go where it was the best fit for him.

Recruitment wise--how are things going with you?

The most recent interest is Kentucky and Ohio State. As far as who is coming on the hardest, it is Arizona, Pitt, Seton Hall, Baylor, Syracuse.

At these events are you noticing who is on the sideline for your games?

I see them for sure, and it's like another audience. A lot of coaches have been coming to the game and i've been developing good relationships with some of them.

Like who?

It's mostly assistants, guys from Arizona, Pittsburgh, Syracuse, Seton Hall, Miami.

What's the pitch been so far from Kentucky and Ohio State?

Just that they are going to start picking things up in my recruitment, and they came to a few of my games this week. It's only assistants so far from them.

Do you have any visits lined up over the spring/summer?

Yes to Florida, but I don't know the exact date. Still, I'm going there for sure for a visit.

Media reports awhile back discussed Duke interest in you, can you characterize if there is any interest from them?

There was, with Coach Collins when he was there. Me and Coach Collins, we had a good relationship. Now that he's not there anymore, I'm not sure if they are recruiting me anymore.

How strong of interest did Coach Collins show towards you?

I would say pretty hard, just like normal recruiting for a sophomore, and I respected their recruitment. His recruitment made me look at Duke even more on TV. I watched their style of play, games on TV, and how Coach K coaches his guards. It just made me look into their program more.

What were your impressions of Duke after taking that closer look?

I could tell that their guards could play, for starters. And, you know Coach K does a good job with guards in his program, and that's a big deal in my recruitment is I want to play for a coach that lets his guards play. With Duke guards, they have the ball and are free to make plays.

Since Coach Collins has moved on, have you heard from anyone else at Duke?

No, not at all. It kinda is what it is. If a school decides to recruit me that's fine, but if they don't, that's fine too, I understand.

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