Taylor talks Duke decision

After calling the coaches before school began on Tuesday morning, Chris Taylor says a weight has been lifted from his shoulders. He spoke about the recruiting process, his draw to Duke, and just how firm his commitment to the Blue Devils is with TDD.

"I called Coach Montgomery, my recruiting coach, this morning around 7 AM to tell him I was committing," said Chris Taylor. "He was estatic, and told me he was going to let the staff know…shortly thereafter, the coaches were contacting me via Facebook and text to say how excited they all were."

The commitment was the culmination of a rather quick recruitment from offer to decision, though Taylor had been in contact with the Duke staff for quite a while.

"I had visited Duke last year when they played Miami, but as far as recruiting goes, there really wasn't a very extended period. I actually received the offer from them last week, and I had honestly been thinking about it. Of course, I didn't want to be too hasty."

So the 6-foot-1, 175 pound receiver took some time and talked things over with his family and coaches. From there, the decision was made.

"I was talking to Coach Montgomery last night about things, and I think he was feeling me out to see how close I was to committing. I didn't feel like I really gave him an indication either way, but when I woke up this morning I knew it was time to commit."

Though he's yet to be evaluated by the Scout.com team, Taylor says he knows his game's strengths and weaknesses well enough to provide a scouting report.

"I feel that I'm a guy who works hard on his route running, and I have the ability to take the top off the defense by extending them vertically. Of course, any receiver will tell you that the thing he has to work towards is being 100 percent when catching the ball. You have to catch everything, because doing that will make you unstoppable. That's what I work towards every day."

Taylor indicated that he'll be making a trip to Durham sometime in June, probably for a camp, and will then look to take an official visit during the season. And as far as recruiting goes, the Florida prospect says he's committed, with a small caveat.

"The only way I'd even consider another school would be if they were on the same level academically as Duke. So, unless Vanderbilt or Stanford called me, I don't think there's anyway I'd even look around. With Duke it's hard to beat the combination of athletics and academics."

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