One on one with Stephen Zimmerman

He's one of the top big men available in the class of 2015, and the recruiting world has taken notice, along with the majority of the high major program roster. So how is Stephen Zimmerman dealing with all the attention? We spoke with both the seven foot junior and his mother to find out. Here, the player talks recruiting and recent developments.

It seems like you're getting a lot of attention lately. Can you run down the list of who is in contact?

Stephen Zimmerman: Indiana, Duke, and Kentucky called. Also, I just talked with Kansas right before this call, one of their assistant coaches.

What's your reaction to so many high majors calling so close together?

It's a real honor, and I'm really blessed and happy to be a part of it. It's been a lot more calls lately. A lot of teams have called, and they are all the same right now. I've heard from Arizona, Michigan State, a lot of others. In this past week I've talked with like 12 colleges.

Has anyone offered in that time?

Florida State and Notre Dame offered me. The other coaches were interest calls. I've had a relationship with most of the coaches who called.

Your mother indicated that Coach Crean of Indiana called. Is he the only head coach who has reached out?

Yeah, I think so. It's awesome talking with him, being on the phone with any coach really is a great honor.

What did you and Coach Crean discuss?

Just that I've been playing really well lately and they've been watching me. He indicated that a scholarship might be coming soon, and he said it's likely to come.

What's your reaction to that news?

The same as with everybody else. It's just a real honor and it's real awesome that they know how I play, and that they want me to come to their school.

Have any programs been in contact multiple times over the last few weeks?

No sir.

What was the topic of conversation with the Kentucky coaches?

I'm not sure, they actually talked with my mom; I was at school. She also talked with Coach Wojo from Duke.

Are you making plans to talk with Duke and Kentucky after they reached out to your mom?

Yes sir, I will reach out to them.

Have you thought about any potential visits?

I'm not sure yet, we're going to start planning soon to see if we can make any.

How has the early Spring gone with the Adidas Nations event?

It's been going pretty cool, and in a few weekends we go to Miami. That should be really fun. It's a training camp. I won't be able to do an Adidas Nations event that's closer to here because I've accepted an invitation to play in the NBA Players Top 100 Camp in Charlottesville.

How are you adjusting your recruitment with all the recent interest and calls?

I haven't really, I'm just going to keep seeing how everything goes.

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