One on one with Tyler Dorsey

While the class of 2015 recruiting radar is unlikely to solidify for several months, a number of prospects are fielding early interest from the Duke coaching staff. Among those players who have heard from the Blue Devils is the nation's second ranked shooting guard in the rising junior class. TDD spoke with Tyler Dorsey for the latest on his recruitment and more.

Can you provide a little bit of background information on yourself?

Tyler Dorsey: I grew up in Pasadena. I'm born and raised and still living there. I've been playing basketball since I was seven or eight years old, and that's about it. I have one younger sister, Asia. She plays basketball. We go a little bit at each other in the backyard, she's a guard like me.

You are listed as a shooting guard but it sounds like you are playing the point a good amount this summer, would you characterize yourself as a combo guard, scoring guard or more of a point guard?

I think I was a combo guy but now I'm turning more into a point guard. Just getting the outlet every time, being a floor general.

What sparked the change to the point guard role?

I think it was what I saw myself achieving in terms of getting to the NBA, and that would be my best position. Shooting guards in the NBA tend to be 6'6 or taller, and it would be great to get those extra two inches, but right now I want to be a point guard.

What's the toughest transition for you going from combo to point?

Just being more of a floor general, and being a leader on the court. A point guard should be the head of the team, and that's maybe the most difficult transition. I'm actually in between in terms of being quiet and being a leader.

Did anybody play a major role in your development growing up as a player?

Yeah, it was definitely my dad because he was there growing up, he's been working me out since I was young.

Are you a Lakers guy since you grew up on the West Coast?

Not really, I don't like the Lakers. My mom is a Celtics fan, my dad's a Lakers fan right now and I'm a Heat fan.

You've played in Nike EYBL now, what are your impressions of the league?

Yeah, I played in the Dallas event but I don't think I'm going to play in the Minnesota one because I have to study for finals and that's the best way I can get the finals done is by missing that.The league is pretty tough and pretty competitive.

Recruiting wise, how is the process progressing for you?

It's been going pretty good, lately the schools that have come up to my school to see me has been UCLA, Michigan and Arizona, that was a few weeks ago.

Was that their first expression of interest?

Not Michigan and Arizona, but UCLA it was their first visit. It's been assistants so far. I was being recruited by the previous staff at UCLA as well.

Can you share your thoughts on the new staff at UCLA?

We're going to see how he gets it done over these next couple of years, and see how everything goes. I like the staff they have there. They kept a few coaches over. It's actually the Oregon State coach who is now at UCLA that's recruiting me for UCLA, I had an offer from Oregon State, now he's recruiting me at UCLA.

What were your thoughts on UCLA with the old staff?

I didn't really know how I felt about the old staff. I built relationships with some of the coaches there including Coach Howland.

Let's shift to Arizona….

They've been recruiting me the hardest. they are showing a lot of interest, they are really trying to get me there soon, I'm taking my time though, I don't really know right now.

Can you elaborate on what you mean by taking your time?

Well I just want to take my time so I can make the right choice and not regret it later and de-commit. I haven't built enough relationships, I want to take my time and make a good choice. Coaches can't really talk to me right now, my dad is talking to them mostly.

How is your dad approaching the process?

Right now it's not that heavy, but he likes it because they can't call me or text me yet. I think in June/July they can start that up with me. My dad keeps me up to date.

Who else is showing you interest outside of Arizona, Michigan and UCLA?

RIght now I have offers from USC, Louisville, UCONN, Cal is showing interest, Gonzaga is showing a lot of interest, that's about it for right now. The offers are for me to come in and be a point guard.

How big a deal is it for a school to offer you early-is that a leg up for them in your recruitment?

A tiny bit it gives them a little advantage.

Do you have a favorite offer or school yet?

I like how Louisville, how they won that national championship last year and how they've been recruiting me.

Have you received any interest from ACC schools yet?

I have, and I'm interested, I don't think any ACC schools have shown a high level of interest yet. My dad talked to the one of the Duke assistants, like maybe a few months ago, they showed a little bit of interest, and they were keeping tabs.

Keeping tabs?

They said they are going to start recruiting me and see how I'm doing over the summer and into next season. I might go check them out depending on travel and if I have any tournaments or camps near schools.

Any contact since that point?

Not really, but they are a program I'm interested in and one I'll continue to look at because I think their style fits me very well.

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