Grandstaff Gives An Update

Austin Grandstaff has seen his stock steadily rise over the last few months as several high major programs have continued to track the talented 2015 wing. TDD spoke with Grandstaff recently to get an update on his recruiting process and more.

How has the EYBL been going, and who has been your toughest matchup?

Austin Grandstaff: Personally it's been Tyus Jones, we went at it a little bit, and team wise it was probably CP3. Their team was really athletic. With Tyus, he is really smooth, he's a natural point guard who is hard to guard because he's really smart.

How's the rest of the summer looking for you event wise outside of the EYBL?

It's looking good. I'm going to be going to a few camps, and we're going to Vegas as well. I'm going to go on some visits after the summer.

Which camps are you attending?

Nike Top 100, and the T.J. Ford Camp. I'm hoping to get some invites to some more. NBA Top 100 Camp is a possibility, and depending on if I do well at Nike Top 100, maybe I could get invited to LeBron. With NBA Camp I'm supposed to find out this week if I'm going or not, and there was a chance there that I wasn't able to come during the dates for it, but that might be changing so we'll see.

What are the projected dates for your visits coming up?

I'm not sure right now, there's no dates, but I'm going to Iowa State for sure and Oklahoma and Oklahoma State, those are the only ones for sure I have right now but I might go to others.

What were the factors in deciding to visit those three schools after the summer?

They are three schools that I really like, and they asked me to come down. I'm not going down during this summer period because I'm working on going to Peach Jam, but after the summer I'll go visit schools. All three have offered. Iowa State offered me two or three weeks ago, and Oklahoma and Oklahoma State offered me last year. I like how Oklahoma and Oklahoma State are really close to home and I really like their campuses since i've been there before. Iowa State, I really like Coach Hoiberg, I like how they play, the way they shoot 3s.

As you progress through the process, have you given thoughts to commitment timeframes?

It's really when the time is right and I feel comfortable about it. I'm not going to force anything and commit until I'm ready, I'm going to make sure it's a right fit, I don't have a set date or anything.

Have you picked up any new offers?

UMass and Marquette offered me before the EYBL and I've had interest from Gonzaga and Notre Dame but they haven't offered.

Duke's interest, can you update us?

I haven't talked to them in a little while, I think the last time we talked was after the LA event. It was Coach Wojo--that's who I have been talking with.

What was the topic of conversation?

He just told me they were going to be there to watch me and Elijah play, and then I talked after that with him and he said I played real well.

Have they asked for a visit recently?

Yeah, they actually asked last year, but it's kinda hard to get down there. After this summer I may get down there for a visit. I may visit Syracuse too if I do a camp nearby.

Where do you think you stand with Duke and Syracuse since you've mentioned them several times in the past as recruiting you?

With Duke it's kinda the same, and with Syracuse I've talked with a lot of their coaches and they are trying to get me up there for a visit. It's kinda in the middle right now with Duke in terms of a visit. I guess you can say it's up in the air.

Outside of the Iowa State, Oklahoma and Oklahoma State visits, are there any other visits likely before the season starts?

There's probably going to some before the season, and I'm probably going to get some more in before the season.

Is there a plan in place related to your decision?

Yeah, it's possible that I may decide before the next EYBL season. If not then, then likely during my senior year. Honestly, I'm not sure yet. I'm going to narrow it down to a top three at some point, but not for awhile. It'll probably come in after my visits and I'm close to wanting to commit.

Do you foresee going on your official visit as a committed player?

If it works that way then yeah, for sure. But if I doesn't then I'll just take five officials and see which school I really like. A visit is a visit to me, if I take a visit there, whether it be unofficial or official, if I like a school, we'll see what's meant to be.

Is there a cutoff date for a school to stay on your list if they have not offered you by a certain time frame?

Oh no, as long as the offers come before my decision, I don't have a cutoff date.

Are there any schools that haven't offered that if they do offer you-it's a game-changer for you?

Oh yeah definitely, it'd be a game changer, but it wouldn't take schools out that I'm considering. It's like the Duke's, the Florida's, and the big schools like that…those would be game changers. When I was in West Virginia, I talked with Florida a bit. They said they were interested and they watched me in the EYBL, but that's about it. When I say game changer, I mean in general because they are big schools.

How big a consideration is the depth chart for you in your recruitment?

Yeah, that's a big thing because like when I was looking at Duke, they already have Matt and Grayson and with them recruiting Tyus, that's a big thing because I don't want to go in and sit. I want to go in and play wherever I go. I don't want to go somewhere where things are handed to me, but I want to have an opportunity to compete and play.

Are you and Elijah Thomas considering playing together?

I mean if it works it works but if it doesn't, it doesn't. I'm not signing a package deal anywhere, but if it works, that's great. We try to stay away from talking recruiting stuff all that much. He's my best friend, so we talk about a lot of other stuff.

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