One on one with Harry Giles

Before Team USA's U-16 squad headed out to compete in the FIBA Americas U16 Championships in Maldonado, Uruguay, TDD had a chance to briefly chat up 2016 standout combo forward Harry Giles. Giles spoke on the honor of making the team, the excitement of heading out for international duty, and provided a recruiting update.

Can you describe the feeling of making this team?

Harry Giles: It's really a great feeling, and it is a huge honor to make Team USA. There are a lot of really great players here - most of them will be going on to big time colleges and the NBA. Aside from the competition, it's just a great honor to represent your country.

You guys are heading out to Uruguay soon, are you excited about the trip?

I'm definitely excited because I've actually never been outside the country before. It'll be a really good experience for me to get to play for Team USA against international teams, especially since some of my family is coming with me, and I get to go do all this with so many great teammates.

We're limited with time here, but last time we talked you mentioned upcoming conversations with Coach Calapari at Kentucky, and Coach K at Duke…can you recap those for us?

Both of them went well, and they were just telling me they were going to come see me play, and that they were going to be seeing me around the next little bit. They've both coached international teams, and they both have coached great college teams.

How is the relationship and contact with those programs and others developing?

With Duke it was one more [contact] I think. Coach K has been kind of busy with the USA Basketball stuff that came up, but I'd say it's been the same with both schools. I've also talked with Coach Williams at North Carolina after the tournament. Since then he's been kind of chill.

Coach Williams offered you pretty early didn't he?

Yes, and I took it as an honor to get an offer from Carolina. It's the same thing with the others in that a lot of great players have come out of there. I've just tried to stay humble with all the early attention. I just keep working on my game, and trying to get better as a player.

Any other notable offers so early?

I've got an early offer from Kentucky, but with Duke..not yet. Probably soon though, but just not yet. When I am finish with USA Basketball, I may look to take some visits, but I'm not sure yet.

Giles and the U16 team are competing in the FIBA Americas U16 Championship in Maldonado, Uruguay. The team opened the competition with a 130-31 victory over Mexico on Tuesday afternoon. In that contest, Giles scored 14 points and grabbed 10 rebounds in 17 minutes of play.

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