Top100: Myles Turner Interview

He's one of the fastest rising big men in the class of 2014, and Duke has taken notice. So how much contact has the staff had with Texas big man Myles Turner, and just how is his recruiting process going over with all the new attention? The talented prospect spoke about those topics and more with TDD at the NBA Top 100 camp.

What are your thoughts on the camp so far, Myles?

Myles Turner: Man, it's been incredible, and it's a great experience for me especially coming off of last summer, not being able to play to this and now all the hype that comes from playing against the best in the country in this camp, it's just great.

Your stock is shooting up around the various rankings, how is that impacting you?

I don't really let it get to me too much, really. I know I'll be one  of the top guys this summer but my main goals above anything else is to get better as a player and to win games. I want to improve and get better as a player before my senior year, that's what i'm concentrating on.

Did any of your family come with you to NBA Camp?

Yeah, my dad got to come with me, but I haven't been able to really talk with him too much here.

How are things progressing in your recruitment during the last month?

It's been pretty much the same, no really new schools have come in. I'm going to cut my list to 10 at the end of next month, at the end of the recruiting period.

Do you have any schools that you know for sure are going to make the list?

No sir, I don't have that at this point.

What are the big factors you are evaluating to decide whether to cut or keep a school on your list?

Well, really, distance is not a factor, so it could be Oregon, St. John's, it could be anything, distance is not a factor with me. Anywhere that I feel that I can really be developed and go to the NBA, a place that is a real family atmosphere that we can win a national championship at, that's my serious considerations.

How big a deal is it in your consideration what a school asks players like you to do on the court player wise?

I'm going to do whatever my coach tells me. I've never been a selfish player, and I've always done what my coach asks me to. I don't have any egotism about this game.

You classify yourself as a "stretch-four", what does that mean to you?

I want to be able to be developed to play in the post, but I have a good jump shot that I've developed that enables me to stretch the defense. That's where I get that name, i'm able to guard 4 and 5 and possibly 5, so that's what I mean. If a school needs me to rebound and block shots, I feel that those are all parts of my game that are established now, and I'd be able to help a school out with that.

Any new offers the past month or two?

Arizona is the newest visit I'm scheduling. I'm lookoing to take a visit there sometime soon and I think I want to go visit Oklahoma State again. It just all depends on when I get a break with everything schedule wise.

How has the contact been with the Duke staff in the last month or so?

We haven't really been in constant contact, but they contacted me a couple times, but I haven't talked with them too much. Coach James has been in contact with my dad a lot. We haven't talked with Coach Krzyzewski yet, but we have been told that it should be happening soon.   With Coach James, he's actually more in contact with my dad, and my dad has rules for me when it comes to coaches contacting us, but he's constantly talking with my dad.

Is that something you're looking forward to?

Well I definitely really want to talk with head coaches at this standpoint. It's nothing against assistant coaches whatsoever, but if I'm a serious about a school and a school is serious about me, I definitely want to talk with the head coach. I don't judge the process at all, I just let the process come to me.

If a school hasn't had their head coach talk to you by a certain point, will they be in consideration to be cut from your list?

I can't say that for sure, but that is definitely a consideration. To me, it just shows that if the head coach talks to you, that shows you if you are a priority for them.

How big a deal will the official visits be in your consideration?

At this point I definitely think i'm going to take all 5. I'm definitely taking my time, so I could say they are a big deal.

What is important to you to see when you go on visits?

I definitely need to learn how they play, and see the whole system. I want to see how their 4s and 5s work...are their posts chained to the post or do they actually do a lot of different things.

How do your parents opinions' fit into this whole thing?

My parents have always raised me to be independent, but of course they want me to stay close to home. They said the decision is up to me and whatever I feel is the best situation for me, they will support me.

When they express that desire for you to stay home, how much do you consider that in your decision?

It's truly an independent decision for me, but me and my family are close, but it's really not a big factor.

Academics wise--do you feel any programs recruiting you have a really good counseling psychology program that you are interested in?

Yeah, Stanford by far has the best academic program. Rice does too, but Stanford has the #2 rated counseling program in the country, so that's a big consideration.

Scale of 1-10--how high is a school having a counseling psychology program rate in your consideration?

It's about a 9 or so. Academics are a big consideration for me, very important.

Has Coach James pitched the Duke academic side of things to your dad?

Yes, and it's really good. I actually just looked them up recently, they have a great rating. I was looking at them on World Rank, it's a website where you can see a listing of psychology programs.

Is it going to be a big deal for you to have schools into your home for visits before you decide on where you are visiting officially?

Not so much. With the way I'm in contact with coaches they share a lot of info with me, and I've already had Oklahoma State, Baylor and Kansas State in my home, other than that, not really.

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